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  1. Never ever saw a dog sniffing around. I personally do not bring food off the ship I was simply offering a suggestion to the OP. How do you just go and say something about being cheap? I don't know what eating a sandwich that is brought on a day trip has to do with the ecosystem. I am not cheap but I think you might be a little crazy and over the top. BTW, I bring plastic straws with me on the cruise so I don't have to use disgusting paper ones. I'm sure you'd like to leave a comment about that too. LOL.
  2. They have never ever checked our bags leaving the ship. Only coming back on.
  3. CAfe Promenade on the Anthem serves Starbucks coffee drinks so you are good to go there.
  4. Great review. So glad you enjoyed your vacation in spite of the mishaps. Royal really has gone downhill in many ways. Nickle and diming, food quality (unless you are willing to pay extra), service, attitude. It is sad. So many are Loyal to Royal and sadly Royal takes advantage of their loyal passengers instead of rewarding them. Service, food, attitudes should be excellent. Without loyal customers, there would be no Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
  5. So does anyone have an update on what happened to this couple? Did they get home? If they didn't have passports I'm sure it was a hassle not to mention the expense.
  6. Again, Don't tell me how or when to tip. That is a personal thing. It is not my responsibility to pay salaries. If RCCL raises prices then perhaps cruisers will look elsewhere for their vacation needs. I know I will.
  7. We have only been in suites on Royal Caribbean. We have had the Royal Suite once and Jr. Suites several times. Jr Suites on Royal don't have many perks at all. It does sound to me like the Sky Suite may be a little better than a Jr. Suite from what you are describing.
  8. Thanks! It's been a long time (like 15 yrs) since we sailed with Celebrity. So is Sky suite an actual suite or just like a jr suite?
  9. So she said we have the Go Best AND Go Beyond. Does that make sense to you?
  10. What? Servers should be tipped. People preparing the food, putting it on the buffet line, cleaning the floors etc. should not. I don't get what you are getting at here.
  11. What are the perks when staying in a Sky class suite on the Equinox? Our TA said that Delux Bev Package, unlimited internet, prepaid gratuities, ob credit, dining in specialty restaurants, dining in suite restaurant, personal butler service are all included. Is this true? Are there any other perks not listed here? TIA.
  12. They sign a contract and choose to work those hours. How is it the passenger's responsibility to make that better? It just doesn't make any sense. I go on a cruise for a vacation. I do not go on a cruise to feel sorry for the workers and pay their salaries.
  13. There are lots of jobs in my local restaurant that I don't see. I do not tip those people. Do you tip the sous chef in your local restaurant, how about the person that cleans the place? This is ridiculous and out of hand. People can and will handle tipping in their own way. It is an optional, personal thing and nobody has a right to judge. This is nuts!
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