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  1. My sailing is empty. Anyone cruising out of NY in April Easter cruises should do well bidding. I hope it sails. lol
  2. I never received snail mail from ncl.com only email confirmations. When I log in I see my cruise info, payments, etc. I booked in November and then upgraded early December for a spring cruise? email confirmation is donotreply@ncl.com and cruise consultant who recently did my last change was Scott Rogers ending in ncl.com
  3. If anyone has total rewards from Ceaser's, don't forget about your discounted price for cruise.
  4. Exactly correct! I try to keep my money in an interest account as long as possible and do not really use credit cards, except with a larger bill. Then use promotion if available (rarely) with no interest to keep interest on MY money until the last second. Every couple faces finances differently. I also get a huge savings with Total Rewards. Each family has their own guidelines and budget needs (and available resources for discounts). To each his own. Judgement of others shows flaws in character so I just dismiss and wish the best for everyone. Enjoy your cruise and live life to your fullest possible without hurting others or yourself on the journey. Great post!
  5. That was nasty. When the woman makes a VERY good salary with multiple positions and surprises her husband with a gift, that is her prerogative. Best wishes and prayers and thoughts to you and your family. I wish you a life of happiness. Have a nice cruise.
  6. Put it on a card with time to pay offer. This gave me a little wiggle room for pay in full. Not a great financial move, but college tuition makes it tough to ensure larger payments. I like to put money in bank until due date. My card 0 percent interest until November. This way I pay in chunks rather than in full. I just happen to have a promotion. I wouldn't suggest getting a new card lol.
  7. I didn't tell my husband. Surprise!!!!! He will find out once we enter the room. I pay the bills and do the travel agenda.
  8. Good because upgrading made me so excited I am besides myself. If cancelled, will never have that opportunity again. 25th present for us. Hubby doesn't know about the upgrade yet. 🙂
  9. Looking at my cruise on the Jade and worried about the amount of left over cabins. We sail in about 60 days. I just upgraded outright since some price drop, but do they ever cancel a cruise if empty?
  10. Deluxe owners suite Went down over a grand from what i paid. Keep watching. Also I would go with lesser category with a poor upgrade bid.
  11. Keep an eye out for a price drop They gave us quite a bit to upgrade.
  12. Did the upgrade. Went for broke. DOS open and dropped price from I had. Up for grabs of upgrade advantage. Good luck!
  13. Grab the DOS, I just upgraded to GV. They dropped price on it from what I paid. Good luck. Rest of ship empty also. April 18 Jade 10 day out of Brooklyn.
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