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  1. Got upgraded and never got to stay in one of these forward facing rooms. Thanks for the input.
  2. It is simple for me not sales tax so not an issue. If you have a sales tax do the math as above.
  3. Yellowstone Park is closed until further notice.
  4. Worst Web site in the cruise lines. Must loose mega $$ a day.
  5. Any updates on the unrest and safety of the island?
  6. I do not have a job. Not sure about the tone of this post. I wanted to know so I can adjust the large tip that we always leave in addition the the daily gratuity The fascination is for a good reason.
  7. How is the room service gratuity distribution made for the crew and staff. Anyone know the approximate percentages? Does the Company take a cut of the gratuities? Nice to know who is getting what of the mandatory tips.
  8. Damajagua Waterfalls is a must see. Book off the ship, I use Iguana Mama (Tour Company) our tour had 4 people total, eventually formed into a group of 8 with 10+ guides and helpers. So book private, the walk off the port is about 15 minutes. This is a can't miss adventure. Not many people are up for an adventure of this level. Early 70's and it almost wore me out. The 27 (upper falls) was closed but the bottom 12 were open and plenty for a normal person or family.
  9. My DGF wants to look at other cruise lines for a future trip. I really like HAL but must look. What are options for couple in their later 60's fit and like to leave the ship at each port. Like good food and wine. Bring out own wine and pay the corkage fee. Love the staff on HAL and would like similar on alternative line. Price is not the most important consideration. I do not like roving bands of kids, booze cruises, water slides/attractions and really big crowded ships. Please let me know your first hand experiences both pro and con.
  10. Brought our own, cheap enough to pay for it self in a couple of rentals. Snorkel right next to the ship is really nice.
  11. Yes back in time to shop and walk, about 5 hours and 4 rum and cokes. Iguana Mama tours are really the best. You might be pretty tired, so the walking and shopping might be limited.
  12. Took a HAL tour, nice tour guide and look at the country side. Cave minimal but still fun. Back to city center and the main center park. Nice but the place is really messy, cups, papers and garbage most every place. Much more noticeable that any other island in our cruise. The island needs to hire someone to pick up the trash. Huge shopping area, which was nice. Floating market is done due to embargo from US on Venezuela, sad for many reasons. Lots of negative impact from the embargo on the locals. Had the best lunch, local, see picture, you must go, 1 1/2 grouper, beans, rice, plantains and a baked something for $10 US. Great do not miss lunch place next to the "new market" round building. The floating bridge is nice, as are the locks. The shopping is local across the bridge and corporate by the ship. All the history is across the bridge. Fun place. Ship left at 11 pm so we got to see all the late comers running to the ship, great sport, they all made it.
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