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  1. Hi All


    we have been allocated a S1 after we booked a guaranteed suite - check in opened a couple of days ago and there are now aft S1 suites available to purchase - would celebrity allow us to change to one that is available now.


    doesnt matter either way just interested as they have a corner art one available.

  2. If you have booked a GTY are you likely to still get an email? We have booked a GTY suite for a sailing as it was the only suite left and would be interested in bidding up if we can.

  3. Hi All


    We managed to book as Suite GTY for a January sailing for our honeymoon, there were no confirmed suites left. We've just logged on and we have been allocated an accessible room - do you think it may change before hand? I would just like to know as obviously my fiancé was looking forward to having a bath and in the accessible rooms there is not a bath.


    Many thanks.


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