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  1. Thanks so much!! I guess that answers my question about friends hanging by my bungalows! @KelJ How far away from the bungalow were the non-bracelet wearing people able to hang on the beach? I guess I am just trying to figure out how close all my friends will be able to get. Maybe I can easily walk back and forth between my bungalows and where all my friends can set up at on the beach? Thanks again for the info!
  2. No problem! Thanks for information either way. Hopefully the bungalow people will let all my crew hang out on the beach next to the bungalow.
  3. Well that's the dilemma I have for my Cococay visit! I have a suite so I get access to Barefoot Beach but I have family coming that is not in the suite. So I booked 2 Beach Bungalows for the 12 total in my family. So I guess I am giving up access to barefoot beach to stay with my family by the bungalows. Then on top of that I have 20 other friends that want to come set up on the beach next to my bungalow. I am not sure if they will get ran off or not since they didn't pay for a bungalow. Anyone has tried this?
  4. We are looking to decorate our door on the 2 bedroom grand suite room 8020. I know most doors are metal and I can use magnets. I heard suite doors are not metal for some reason. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Specifically looking for if the door on room 8020 is metal. Thanks
  5. I booked 2 beach bungalows for my family of 12 for Cococay for 3/6/19. I know only 6 can be in each bungalow and get the preordered lunch. But can others who have not reserved a bungalow pull up the free chairs or just come sit in the sand around us? I have friends who didn’t book a bungalow but they want to come hang around my family. Is this possible or are they not even allowed on the beach around us?
  6. Thanks so much for all the information!! I am leaving on the 3/2/2019 sailing and in the Grand Suite, 8020. Hopefully the noise isn't too loud since our room is right next to Creel's. I really hope our sailing still goes to Cococay. Does anyone know if any messaging services on the phones work on the ship without paying for the internet/voom plan? I know I have been on previous crusies where Imessages, WhatsApp, Groupme, Facebook Messenger, etc. works. I guess the ships didn't have the ports blocked so some of those messaging services worked for free. Anyone tried these on the Vision?
  7. Hello, we are going to try Aquaventure on our cruise on March 5th. I see right now an adult "value season" is $135, is it cheaper if you buy in person at the counter at Atlantis? I know when we go it is "low season" so prices online go up to $157 for an adult day pass. Can anyone confirm if in person the prices are the exact same as their website or are they cheaper? thanks
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