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  1. Thanks, everyone. Very helpful. I agree, the daytime is easy to plan out and hit all the major must-see areas but it would be nice to be close to the lively areas in the evening without having to worry about a long walk back to the hotel.
  2. Too late to edit, but looking at Trevi Fountain area vs. where we were - Colosseum area.
  3. Hi there I got a message this morning that our AirBnB for Rome has cancelled and we now have to find new accommodations for our 3 night pre-cruise visit. We were originally booked within walking distance of the Colosseum (via San Giovanni, 9 min walk) but I am now wondering if this is an opportunity to look for something closer to the Pantheon area as it seems like more sights are central to that location. What is your favorite neighborhood to stay in while in Rome? Looking for pros & cons 🙂 Thanks in advance
  4. Hi everyone, We are arriving in Rome for 3 nights before our cruise. Our flight gets in at 9:00 a.m. so we were planning on dropping our bags at our accommodation, getting a quick lunch and then visiting the Colosseum / Forum in the afternoon. Is it easy to self-tour? Or are we much better off booking a guided tour? I'm concerned if we've booked a tour for 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. that if there are any delays on the morning of our arrival that we will miss the tour. Has anyone done the night-time tour with the Roman Guy? That could be an option but I didn't know how it would compare to seeing it all in the light of day. We plan to book a tour for the Vatican the next day. The third day is a civic holiday (May 1st) so want to make the most of our time on the first and second days and then have some more leisurely exploring on the holiday when the major sites are closed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂
  5. Thank you, everyone. Really appreciate the input! It's been very helpful. This will be our biggest trip to date (it's our honeymoon). We're early 30s and finally able to afford this trip, lol. I've been nervous about life getting in the way of us getting back to Europe...once kids come along it seems like vacations start to be to focused on Disney and amusement parks or something. But I think there have been a lot of valid points about whether it would actually be enjoyable and fulfilling or just a tick off the bucket list. So I'm leaning toward focusing on Rome, the cruise and Barcelona. As has been mentioned by some of you, we'll have to make a point to plan Venice and eastern Med ...perhaps for an anniversary!
  6. Thanks! I've been tallying the cost and it is playing into my hesitation a little, along with the business of it all. I've heard that Venice is one of the more expensive cities even to eat since its so tourist-y. I'd hope I'd be able to get back and see it under more relaxed circumstances, but who knows. I'm so torn lol.
  7. Thanks for commenting! I'm definitely nervous about being beat out by the time the cruise even starts lol. The cruise is 10 nights and we are planning 3 nights in Rome prior to and 2 nights in Barcelona at the end. I'm kind of intimidated at the thought of rushing 1 day in Venice after a tiring and long flight and then lugging our luggage to a train station and finding our way around. Definitely torn because we want to make the most of the trip and I've always wanted to see Venice but dont want it to feel stressful or overwhelming.
  8. Thank you to everyone who responded! Your tips and experiences have definitely increased my comfort level in booking an independent excursion. I'll spend lots of time on the 'port of call' threads and Trip Advisor for reviews before booking. 🙂
  9. Hello! We are headed for our first cruise in May departing from Rome. It's also our first time in Europe. We are looking forward to spending a few days in Rome prior to departure, but since our itinerary doesn't include Venice we were considering leaving a day earlier, flying into Venice for one day/night and then taking the train to Rome. In your experience, would this be too hectic? We want to fit in as much as we can, but I don't want to over complicate things either so I don't know if it's worth it for the sake of one day? Looking for opinions. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, We are at the point of planning which ports to do shore excursions for on our upcoming cruise. We've joined our Roll Call and notice fellow cruisers sharing independent tours, which we are interested in joining since they seem to be much more cost effective than that tours offered on the ship. I've be cautioned by friends that excursions offered by the cruiseline is the safest/best way to go since you are guaranteed not to miss your ship if you are late getting back to port. Can anyone share any general rules of thumb they use when deciding whether to book independently or with the cruise line? Thanks so much!
  11. Thanks for posting the list! Looks like we have lots of great options with the Classic.
  12. Thanks so much everyone for your input! Definitely taking the advice and sticking with Classic 🙂
  13. Thanks for your comment. 🙂 If the connection is slow it would definitely be a no-go for us. We'll just have to try to survive somehow LOL.
  14. Hi everyone! First time cruiser - second post on this forum. Had great answers for my first question, so figured I'd throw another out there. We are booked on Celebrity Constellation in May for Western Mediterranean. We were able to choose 3 of 4 promotions when we booked (drink package, free prepaid gratuities and onboard credit) and now are wondering if we made a mistake not choosing unlimited internet. I didn't realize that roaming packages on our cell phone wouldn't work at sea (rookie mistake, lol). From the website it seems like we can only buy packages for the whole cruise which is very costly. I'm mostly concerned about wanting to connect on our 2 sea days. My questions are - do you usually forego wifi while cruising? If you do pay for it, is the service spotty or slow on the ship? Thanks!
  15. Thank you! New to this site so didn't even realize there was a Celebrity forum! lol
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