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  1. We’re in the same quandary
  2. The booking shows Family oceanview. That’s why I think there may be an issue
  3. We booked a Corner Family Veranda for 11/2020. When we L n S to 11/ 2021, the designation was changed to Family Oceanview guarantee. Yes we called our TA and assured us we had an FV guarantee. At this point we don’t want to go; we have a NRD and don’t trust them to honor our FV anyway. when is final payment due; any chance we’ll get NRD back? The mask possibility and other changes pushed us to not go.
  4. We love Caymus, too. Any year is good, but we find 2018 superb. check out my handle
  5. I received an ‘invitation’ to schedule an appt. from Lahey. Had a choice of dates. Today
  6. I was thinking this. Then we start over with jockeying for shots. After my second Moderna shot, I thought thank god this is over. I had all the side effects for at least a week. Even Covid arm. Don’t really want them again.
  7. Did you get any side effects from second dose? I have read those with worse side effects get more antibodies
  8. I still have side effects. Mainly fatigue. Then I read here I have Covid arm, too. But on the bright side I just read a strong reaction means more antibodies. First dose boot camp, second dose war games. I have a strong immune system; it’s fighting off intruders. Making more soldiers. No meds unless necessary. Took some after 24 hours of high temp
  9. Thank you. I’m getting better daily, but still have fatigue. Crash early. I am tracked by vsafe daily. by reading your post, I realize I have Covid arm, too!,, Jeez. What next. The first dose I only had a sore arm.
  10. Received my second dose of Moderna Feb 4. I had every side effect but one and am still not well yet. 5 other people got the second dose as well. They are fine. Better than getting Covid though.
  11. I read the rules after I posted but we did not have a written second appt. Now I read the second dose is ‘if available’. Very fluid situation. Hoping they don’t mix n match manufacturers.
  12. I was wondering about the second shot. We are here for a couple months. Arrived Dec 28 with NO expectation of a Covid vaccination. Felt extremely fortunate whe we received one at Publix beginning of Jan. I hope I get the next one, but don’t know the rules now.
  13. My Publix experience went the same as yours. Kudos. My brother n sister got in with Fl health no problem. Persistence is the key.
  14. There is a workable system in Fl. You have to read up on what’s going on, sign up for updates from any board of health. Making an appt by phone is decent, now. persistence is the key. keep trying!
  15. Are they actually reserving your second dose? I got my first Moderna a week ago, but then told us they would call. My sister has an appt to return.
  16. In Fl they post online when to go online and make an appt. pretty easy. Not so good when they post first come, first served at various locations.
  17. I heard Biden may use all the vaccine to inoculate as many as possible. Like the UK. i wonder if the ones who received the first dose will have to start over. OMG
  18. Follow up. We received a call from Publix today wanting to know how we were feeling. I asked about the second dose and was told they would call us.
  19. We have to fight for another spot. The second vaccine should not be given early either
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