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  1. Has anyone been on the HAL Mount Etna 4by4 Expedition while in Catania? If so, can you tell me if it takes you up in the cable car to the top? I phoned HAL to ask, as very little info on the website. The very nice man, however, had no idea but said he thought it probably did. I’d really like to know for definite, though, as if not, I’ll cancel the excursion and book a private one that does take you up to the top (cheaper). I think it’s quite a new trip as there’s no reviews of it I can see. Thanks, J.
  2. Daughters in love- what a lovely expression!
  3. Do you know if they also confiscate GHDs?
  4. To me a catapult or ‘cattie’ is something you make as a kid with a Y-shaped stick and a rubber band!
  5. We’ve just bought the EBP for our summer cruise precisely so we could enjoy a couple of glasses of champagne before dinner and now it’s not included?! How annoying.
  6. That’s great, I didn’t know how it worked . Thanks for the info.
  7. Hi, thanks for the info. I’ve never yet come across a good hotel hairdryer, and always bring my own as I have ‘problem’ hair! I know I’ll need a plug adaptor but just wondered if the hairdryer will get full voltage. In the US last year with an adaptor itworked at about 1/4 of its power.🤨
  8. Does anyone know if there’s any point bringing a hairdryer and GHDs on board Koningsdam? They work on GB 220 volts and I wonder if the supply is less as it is in the US where my appliances are rendered useless?
  9. I think it will now because the threshold for the SBP has been increased to $11as far as I am aware.
  10. Love... exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you!
  11. Id imagined waiters going around with trays of fizz! Oh well, we will just have to make sure we get our bed package up and running. Never having cruised before, not sure what to expect! At the sail away I envisage passengers standing on deck at the rail, waving (to who though!), cocktail in hand. Does this happen?
  12. On Koningsdam , Med, July. I was wondering if you get a complimentary sail away drink. If you pre book a drinks package when does it activate? If you wait till on board, how soon can you buy the package?
  13. Thanks, everyone, sounds like we’ll be well fed!
  14. J4NEC


    Is there not Air conditioning in the staterooms?
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