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  1. kkinda off topic but my wife told me to send you a Go Hokies! EE Class of 93...
  2. lovescats5, my wife and I will be on Ovation in 10724 this May, 12 nights Hawaii to Vancouver. Let me know if you have any specific questions about room or ship! I’ll post pictures or whatever. This will be our second Star Class and as someone said, it’s hard to back down once you’ve done Star...
  3. My wife is certainly looking forward to exploring a new class of ship. Research makes it sound like a high tech super-sized Freedom class, which we really enjoy. I'm certain a whole week at sea will allow lots of time for exploring all the nooks nd crannies!
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply! This is our first Pacific cruise and first Quantum Class. My wife said sounds like pack for New Zealand! I'll let you know how it turns out.
  5. As someone who has cruised many times in the Caribbean and once in the Mediterranean, I have no experience in west coast and beyond weather... In may of next year, we're flying to Honolulu for a 12 night cruise on the Ovation finishing up in Vancouver . So my question, that I have looked and found no info on, is, what's the weather like in May between Hawaii and Vancouver? Inquiring wives want to know... Thanks in advance, and if I need to inquire elsewhere, please share! Hank
  6. We've done several cruises on different class of ships from smallest to largest. We love the Oasis class ships for the size and room. Replying here because in May we'll be on the Ovation from Hawaii to Seattle, 12 nights, so look for my dissertation to compare and contrast the 2 sizes. Honestly, I have high hopes for the Ovation because of the extra routes that would open up for us! I'll be back!
  7. Sure. All the dinners he had made reservations for us, it must have been flagged as Star Class guests because as soon as we were seated the Manager always came out and introduced himself, said whatever we wanted or needed just let our server know, if there was an issue ask to see him. I figured there was a list marked up. The only time I ever pulled my card on purpose was when the pool bartender sent us to Bolero's bar for the best Mojito. They were somewhat crowded so I pulled my card out and just laid it on the bar in front of me. The young bartender saw it, looked away, looked back, looked at me and had this look on her face. She went over and whispered to the older woman bartending, who immediately came over and said yes sir, how may I help you. I told her I was told to find her to get the best mojito made. She smiled, and strted making us mojitos when she saw us coming for the rest of the trip. So, if your Genie made your reservations, they know who you are. Otherwise, discreetly show your card, I think they've been coached!
  8. So that's what I found. The actual experience was awesome, so much so that we have a Star Class cruise on Ovation coming up in May 2020! 12 Night Hawaii cruise. This will be our first cruise on a Quantum class ship; will be interesting to contrast it to the Oasis class... Any and all opinions on that subject welcome... Counting the days... Star Class wish list_06Oct2018.xlsx
  9. So this may be long. If I have to go I'll post and pick it back up when I can... Star Class will spoil you from the time you get to the terminal until you leave. I'll try and work my way hough the questions and boot get too far off topic but... 1. We embarked in Miami so this will be specific to there. Pulled in to luggage drop off lane, instructions said look for purple Star Class flag. All he guys kept trying to make us pull over. Ignore them and just keep showing them your Set Sail pass and say Where's Star Class. As we getting close to end of the que there finally was a traffic guy who knew what I meant and he said Go pass all this to the end and you'll see Purple flag... We did and we did. Pulled over and walked up to desk with Set Sail pass. Lady asked d name, I gave it, and they emptied luggage out, pointed out entry door, said go park and we'll be in there. Parked, walked back, everyone was inside waiting on me. Lady with iPad came up, said you must be Mr. Williams, scanned pass, repeated for wife and sisters. They had x-ray machine right there! By the time that was done our Genie showed up, Sunil D'Souza, and all of us and our luggage were taken straight to our cabin! The only time we weren't moving was while they waited for me to park and 30 sec apiece with the iPad lady... At the end of the cruise Sunil said keep you luggage, walked us off ship, turned us over to a lady who walked us through to Customs where you look at a camera and a green light came on and you kept going, porters took our luggage to car and we got in and drove off without ever slowing down... 2. Internet connection was flawless. Can get a little overloaded in some places like theater but not bad. Used In Whatsapp with my sisters. 3. No idea. Never tried... Genie will keep your rooms fridge full of water, your choice of beverages, juices, and beer though. 4. Royal Genie... Ziplining never had a line. He made all our reservations for dining and shows. Would show up at dinner and verify our evening plans. Seats were always front row except one, Flight he backed us up a couple rows for a better view. Genies have a magic keyfob that overrides buttons and takes elevators straight to the floor he wants. Very cool. If you need anything reach out to him, it happens. Realize even on the Symphony there are only 11 Star Class suites.... They know who you are. Pull that card out, and I felt like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman buying clothes, if that makes sense... 5. The total experience. We've always had suites, from Junior suite to Owners. This took it to a different level that you have to experience to believe... 6. As soon as I find it again. WARNING - Star Class seems to be extremely addictive... In May we're going Star Class on the Ovation, Grand Loft suite, 12 nights from Hawaii to Victoria, Canada. A whole week at sea!!! More questions?
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Although I won't be able to surprise my sisters they are super excited! And I did finally find the spreadsheet on the Royal Caribbean blog! Hope my stay is as enjoyable as yours!
  11. I decided to take my two sisters cruising with my wife and myself (to try and make amends of being the Little brother for 63 years...), and ended up booking a 2 bedroom Aquatheater Suite (on the Symphony in April) rather than adjoining suites due to a price I couldn't pass by. I didn't realize Star Class existed until I started reading about the suite I had booked. My wife and I have been cruising regularly for about ten years so we are somewhat familiar with what I've been reading here. My question is basically for previous Star Class guests; what experiences have you had that made your cruise an unforgettable experience. I've already decided that my first error was telling them about Star Class, it would have been an awesome surprise! Anyway all suggestions or experiences are welcome and thank you in advance! Oh, one other thing. I saw a comment relating to a post that had an Excel spreadsheet in it, with the spreadsheet listing over hundred fulfilled Royal Genie requests. That would be a great resource to ponder if someone can point me to it! Thanks!
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