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  1. I was told that PayPal offered discounted Carnival Egift cards so last week I went online but didn't purchased them. Went to do it today and the 10% discount is gone. 😞 Does anyone know where I can still find EGifts cards at the discount? Leaving this Saturday. Procrastination got to me this time.
  2. My cruise is on 12-29 and I am leaving to get to the port on 12-28. I finally have enough points to get some gift cards from Allstate. Does anyone know who long it will take for the gift cards to arrive? If I order these today will they arrive before I leave? It is cutting it close but don't want to lose out on the 10% savings since it will be going towards the drink package. TIA
  3. Sorry if this has been asked already. I always tip in addition to the automatic gratuities. We are going with friends who have not been on a cruise before and they asked if they could take the standard gratuity off at the end of the cruise and tip on their own the last day and night. I thought that you used to be able to go to guest services and ask them to take them off if you wanted but not sure if that has changed.
  4. I just directed a friend of mine to Allstate Rewards who is going on a carnival cruise with me. Anyone have new codes I can give to her so she can get enough to pay her cruise off?
  5. I have to pay my cruise off October 5th. How long does it take to get the gift cards?
  6. All I wear are Vionics. They are amazing and super cute.
  7. Loving the review and pictures!!! We are doing this cruise over New Year's Eve and can't wait. Going with another family how has not cruised before so super excited.
  8. I wanted to confirm that if we purchase the drink package and we decide not to leave the ship while in Port that we can still get drinks through the drink package. Also if I bring my own cup like a Yeti can I get my drinks put into that rather than using the ships cups? For example if I want a rum and coke.
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