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  1. Rendevous Lounge, i believe-- unless they changed something
  2. We stayed in 8148 on March 25th cruise. Bed is next to the bathroom. The bed/bathroom is aft, or to the right when entering the room. It was a nice, quiet cabin. Can't complain... right under the mid buffet made getting food easy, but not directly under, so no noise from above (as would happen on deck 9 cabins).
  3. The lamp didn't get hot. New fangled lightbulbs conserve energy and stay cool. The light rarely was on. (Usually it was turned on by stateroom attendant so our room wasn't dark at night). By the end of the cruise, the lamp looked odd without my hat on it. My hat fit perfectly. The other bedside lamp is similar sphere size, but hangs down from the ceiling... might only be useful for a open top visor. *only bedside lamp with charging plugs is on the hat-able lamp... other bedside lamp doesn't have charging plugs... start flipping coins over who gets to be next to the plug now before your cruise!!
  4. Videos taken on ship before leaving port . . . sorry for the shakey camera . . . maybe use some leftover bonine before watching.
  5. I like the new hat stand... er, bedside lamp. Design your own lamp shade!
  6. Just stayed in CC. Moved nightstnds next to bed easily. Needed access to device plugged into nightstand (only 1 CC nightstand had plugs i think).
  7. Is this statue new? Quite funny. Taken on March 25-30 cruise.
  8. Elevator to retreat on Summit (pics taken at night) --enclosed glass elevator on outside deck of ship. (Not a suite guest, but I thought I'd post these pics). Thought this may answer some questions I've seen about accessibility. I am posting pictures but won't answer questions (still on honeymoon after Summot March 25th cruise, and have a lot of post-wedding stuff to deal with when we get home).
  9. I think I saw smoothies listed on the breakfast room service menu . . . are those still there, and are they free? I might like to order a free surplus made (looked like 2-3 options) smoothie as a wake up call on our cruise next week.
  10. What's this about gluten free labeling? I know someone who has Celiac and will be cruising in June... any changes to gluten labeling will be of great importance to them.
  11. They don't? There was a clip from one on our 2006 DVD (first cruise ever). Did they stop doing that?
  12. Just wondering if there are any events offered on Celebrity cruises that might offer slow dancing. My fiance and I took a Royal Caribbean cruise a few years ago and they only had fast dance-club music (we kept waiting for maybe a slow dance until the end, and nothing). I assume they'll have a newlyweds and anniversary party, which we'll be invited to (our wedding is 2 days before our cruise), and from VHS and DVD videos of previous cruises it looks like they'll offer some slow dancing. Just wanted to know if any events are to be highlighted on our cruise itinerary if we want to do some slow dancing on our honeymoon. Thanks, Newbie2006
  13. What is "friends of Bill"? I remember seeing it on previous cruises, but wasn't sure what it was. (I thought some big wig had booked a lot of rooms, or something -- enough to have a private party listed on everyone's itinerary).
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