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  1. I don't post here much anymore, but I am frustrated! Carnival is making this what they want it to be - not what makes common sense. For instance - putting an adults only serenity area on the Legend, Lido aft, and banning smoking there. While allowing smoking by the main pool where there are kids and people are eating! The only thing this will accomplish is banning smoking from the lido on the Spirit class ships too! If they wanted a true compromise, they would allow smokers aft where the winds blows the smoke away from the ship. Obviously they are moving in the direction they want one step at a time - regardless of consideration for their smoking guests and the revenue it generates! It's probably only a matter of time - and after 19 cruises I did not get this phantom survey either. :(
  2. The new port cam is up and running! Dream is in port today! :D http://www.portcanaveralwebcam.com/ Enjoy! 34 days for me to wait! Must also try the Pasta Bar above the Lido! Yummy!
  3. I think you have a great cabin - even if it was an error :D here's why: There aren't as many cabins on that deck so it is for the most part very quiet up there! You are steps away from the elevators and right down the hall you have your own exit to the hot tub and lido deck! I love being hig up so I can see everything! Enjoy! The casino was also good to us but I'm not making any promises! Especially the wheel of fortune - although it's been awhile so all of the machines could be changed out by now. Yes, it's smaller than the Conquest class but bigger than Fantasy or Destiny! Makes for an awesome cruise!:D
  4. I would be very wary of planning a wedding based on a port call of a cruise ship! :eek: ports get changed for many reasons all the time. I would be a nervous wreck!
  5. I've been on the Triumph several times (when it was in Miami) - always had a cabin on the Panorama deck! My favorite location on that class and the Conquest class! I really loved that ship! :D Oops - had a Lido deck balcony once (after checked my sig)
  6. I voted and posted to my fb page - looks like you are way ahead now! Good luck - I do think it is the best! I know you are proud of those children! :D
  7. I would like to know the difference between the "standard, premium, deluxe, and platinum" packages. I got an email - finally - and I am getting the "deluxe" package. No one else has mentioned this one yet.... I should say that I racked up some points on my last cruise, and if they keep track for a year I should really be getting something! if I got a gift from OPC they never announced it with a card or anything. I always have a photo coupon and chocolate covered strawberries waiting - but I thought it was a Platinum gift. Based on what I have read here, I bet (no pun intended) it has been from OPC all along....:) p.s. I have never received cash.....
  8. I was just going to post the same thing! I really like deck 4 on the Spirit class ships :D you won't get wet. Any of the aft regular balconies on any deck are awesome and I would recommend port side if you can get it!
  9. Mine dropped today too! $50 per cabin. Last week it dropped $40 per cabin, and I got approval the same day. I'm happy! I submitted the forms tonight for the $50, fingers crossed! :D
  10. It only works for Early Saver. The deposit is non- refundable however you can change your sailing if necessary for $50.00 per person. I have received three price drop credits since I booked!:D I am one happy camper with this program! Make sure you check the fares often! ;)
  11. I just got an email reply to my inquiry - I qualify for the Deluxe Bon Voyage package. Anyone know what this is? I saw "standard" and "premium" mentioned above, but not "deluxe"! :o
  12. I emailed the Oceans Players Club 3 weeks ago - no response. I have often received chocolate covered strawberries at boarding and a photo coupon at dinner the first night - but never realized until reading this thread that those were from OPC. I never contacted them before..... My last cruise I had ALOT of points on my card - so I was surprised after emailing that I didn't get a response.....
  13. Thanks for posting how long it took. I emailed them this last weekend - so maybe I will hear something by next week. :D (do you think I should have called instead? :confused:
  14. You and Dave do keep trying to sell me on that idea :D However I have been out voted - I think it's the air conditioned cabana, the cabana boy, and the food and drinks from Fat Tuesdays.......:o but it's 105 days away WOO HOO.. maybe I can change some minds.
  15. It must be lot different than the cabanas at Mahogany Bay - they gave us wrist bands and you better have one on....there was security everywhere checking. Sigh. So I am ponying up for two at MB in May - there are 7 of us.
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