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  1. I agree that hotels are easier to find. Your options are many. But, when it comes to flying it's nearly impossible to get a refund or not lose your money if you cancel your flights.
  2. Nope, everything will go back to normal as economy needs recovering after COVID-19.
  3. We keep positive with booking road trips and exploring a lot of the places we haven't been to locally. But will never stop planning and looking forward to our next cruises.
  4. When we were sailing the Norwegian Fjords, the port lecturer was on the PA explaining about it so it's hard to miss them. You will notice one side busier than the other so just follow. As to which side to book your cabin, it really doesn't matter. Enjoy! It was one of our most favorite cruises.
  5. Pretty sure most of us cruise because it's the best way to get to multiple places in such a short period of time. Of course, the ship itself is like a floating city so there is always some magic when we are on a cruise ship. But, I have also met people who love staying on the ship when we are at a port, mainly because they have been there once or twice. Honestly, no matter if I've been to that port I still like to get off, explore and have some fun, especially when the ship is empty and there is hardly any entertainment.
  6. Whenever we go to Barbados we love to spend time in the BoatYard. Fantastic beach, variety of water sports, snorkeling and diving, delicious bar and restaurant and always full with energetic people who know how to have fun!
  7. Miss the mojitos, so hubby made some very strong ones the other day. His were much tastier 😁 I just have the travel channel on for longer now too.
  8. I wouldn't agree to such cruising either. For us it's all about port adventures. I'm sure cruising will go back to normal, but it is going to take awhile.
  9. Hi dogs4fun, and thanx for pointing that out 🙂 FYI, I didn't post the video, I merely quoted flowslow's post and even if I did, what is wrong with that? I thought we are here to share experiences, give advices and recommendations. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
  10. Aww, I 'm sorry your cruise was cancelled, but you can try and get on the same one next year. You have to see the Norwegian fjords... It's a little similar to Alaska, but better! 🙂
  11. This is Anastasia from Anastasia Travel. We booked our St.Petersburg 2-day full excursion with them and we highly recommend getting yourself in a group of no more than 8! Ours turned out to be exactly what we wanted, something that is hard to get when booking tours anywhere really. We prefer booking our own tours rather than with the cruise line, and since St.Petersburg we learned that a small group is the way to go.
  12. We went by with Euros and a credit card. Not sure where you will use toilet to pay, everytime we have been out i use toilets mostly in malls, restaurants, coffee places... Where they don't charge you. If you are on a tour, most likely the tour guide will take you to toilets where you don't have to pay.
  13. I would love to go back to Longyearbayen, Norway. The same goes for Hawaii, St. Petersburg, Capri and Amalfi coast, Malta...
  14. We really loved the Baltic cruise. But the Norway fjords and Longyearbyen were so far the best.
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