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  1. Try the St Thomas Cycleboat. Smaller crowd but similar vibe and also goes to Water Island.
  2. Yes! You paddle over to Honeymoon beach, Water Island which takes about 30 minutes. Then you get out and can relax in chairs on the beach, swim, or got to Dinghy's or Heidi's beach bar and grills for drinks and lunch. After about 1-1.5 hrs, you paddle back to Crown bay marina. The paddling is super easy (there's also a motor on board if needed) and such a fun activity! We met some amazing people and had the best day. Cheers!
  3. You should take your group out on the new boat excursion out of Crown Bay Marina! It holds up to 15 people and goes over to Honeymoon Island Beach on Water Island. So fun!! www.stthomascycleboats.com
  4. You should go on the new cycleboat tour. We did it and it’s so fun! Www.stthomascycleboats.com
  5. Check out the new St Thomas Cycleboat. They do a 3 hour trip to water island where you can get lunch and hang out on the beach. So fun!
  6. Check out www.stthomascycleboats.com. They offer 2 and 3 hour cruises along the harbor and to water island. We rented the entire boat (15 people) and had a great time! Highly recommend for all ages.
  7. There will be safari taxis in Crown Bay waiting for you. Crown Bay Marina is a short 5 minute walk and has Tickles dockside restaurant and water island ferry as well.
  8. So much fun! We loved our tour on the St Thomas Cycleboat! The captain and crew were very professional, knowledgeable of the area, and everyone in our group had a great time. You can sit and peddle the boat at one of the bike stations or just relax in the seats at the front of the boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There's also a motor on board to assist with powering the boat so you don't have to actually peddle the boat. Very affordable compared to some of the other boat excursions as well. Highly recommend.
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