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  1. We have a younger DD who will be 7 and my son loves being a "mentor" of sorts to the younger kids (he does lunch monitoring at school, loves reading buddies etc) but if I was a parent and saw this kid who was the size of a man playing with everyone I would be a little concerned.
  2. When I look up generic kids club information it states up to age 11 for kids club. When I look at the Oasis it says up to 12. So does that mean my son on the Oasis can't go into the teen area? To give you a visual my son is 5'6 170lbs.
  3. yes my kids lived off of shrimp cocktail and steak all week. We never actually saw a kids menu.
  4. Not going to lie, already done! We were going back and forth on the Drink package so I bit the bullet and bought it.
  5. I called yesterday and they said it was some kind of error due to my TA inputting something incorrectly and then the computer glitching or something along those lines. They fixed it, and when I looked this morning it had gone up by $200 (from the original amount) so I am so confused.
  6. Has anyone ever had OBC go "missing" from the Cruise Planner. 2 days ago our OBC was a certain amount Yesterday it was approx $125.00 less This morning back up to what it was before Now back down to the $125.00 less
  7. Thank you, not stressed just more wondering - we picked this sailing for the ship not the itinerary so a change in plans I am ok with.
  8. Thanks everyone. We are a pretty (knock on wood) healthy family, and really if anything major happens (when it comes to illness where we can't go) the cruise would probably be the least of our worries. I was just more making sure that if a hurricane does happen and the cruise decided to cancel then we would be ok. The kids are excited to spend a couple of days in NYC so if we had to extend that I don't think they would mind
  9. We have decided to book a cruise leaving in September from New Jersey and going to Florida, Nassau and Coco Cay. What happens if a hurricane gets in the way? We are debating if we need travel insurance (we will be getting medical for sure) but wondering about trip cancellation/interruption. We are driving in two days before, so no need to worry about the flights being delayed. If RC has to cancel the cruise due to the hurricane do they refund or give credit?
  10. You do realize that the discount is because our dollar is so poor, that it costs us significantly more to go on a trip like trip.
  11. He says he is working on it and will get back to us tomorrow. I did call RC but they had to call his office and that is what he told them to tell me.
  12. No I can't go on this sailing, but he assumed because I asked about it that I wanted it switched..
  13. We just got notification that our Jan. 17 Allure cruise has been chartered. They gave us options for 3 other cruises. Here is my question - I replied and asked my agent a question about one of the dates and he replied that he moved my sailing - The sailing is now showing up in my cruises and I can't go the dates don't work for my work. I never asked him to book it and only asked "so we can make an informed decision - IF we move it to the Feb 14th sailing will the gratuities be still included" What are my options now.. he hasn't replied to me.
  14. Day two started early. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Orangeburg SC and it was clean, comfortable and just what we needed. We left Orangeburg at 4am and arrived at the Vineland Character Warehouse for 10am. We waited about 40 mins to get into the warehouse, spent 10 minutes shopping and another 40 minutes in line to pay. Left with a decent amount of stuff. We arrived to POP around 1:45 and our room was ready. We decided to grab a bite to eat and then head to Hollywood Studios. We took the new Skyliner over to HS and it was absolutely amazing - no wait and took about 7 mins to get to the park. Got the kids some pins for trading, did TOT with a fastpass, watched the Star Wars show, watched Indiana Jones. We then visited Galaxy's Edge - felt like we were in a whole new world. The kids met Vi who took them around the park staying in character the entire time. We tried Oga's Cantina but none of us liked the drinks we got (blue milk and something that numbs your mouth) waited 40 mins for Smugglers Run (amazing.. only downside is if you are anything but a pilot you are paying more attention to the buttons beside you then the screen in front of you) We then walked on to Star Tours and decided to go back to the room for a short swim and showers. Tomorrow we are hitting up Hollywood Studios again where we will be rope dropping Toy Story Land and building droids.
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