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  1. Thank you Double D Cruisers, I think your travel agent had a great suggestion!
  2. I’m trying to do a realistic budget (as much as possible) for our upcoming cruise. HALs site doesn’t make that easy. Does anyone know the answers to the following? And if I’m forgetting anything please let me know. Thanks! 1. Does SBP price include the 15%tip? 2.what fitness classes are included and which cost $(and how much)? 3. Is there an extra tip for laundry service? 4. Are there tips required for room service? unrelated to budgeting, is there a place to find the daily schedules from this year?
  3. Thanks! With the obstruction, would you still have booked that room?
  4. Newbie question here. What is the difference between a beverage card and paying by the drink? Is there some discount associated with a beverage card? I’ve only sailed on Disney until now. They only had packages (which were not worth the price) or pay by the drink options.
  5. Does anyone have any information on cabin 4040? Just booked and saw pics of the outside that make me think part of the window is covered with a lifeboat crane.
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