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  1. I have a 13 day/14 night cruise in April 2021 out of Florida for Celebrity. I asked my TA if they will call me or give me some sort of heads up if it gets cancelled. I haven't heard anything yet. He told me to just call them before the full payment date in January to get my deposit but I don't want to sit on hold/waste time...any recommendations?
  2. Thanks! That's amazing!! That helps with the wine and some mixed drinks options..I just need someone to tell me how much a shot costs or if I want my own drink (ex: vodka and cranberry). The mixed drinks are a bit deceptive as they add in a bunch of random things and I usually keep my drinks to 1 alcohol and 1 chaser.
  3. Hi - tried searching on the Boards but couldn't find anything on cost of alcohol by the glass on Equinox. How much are strawberry daiquiris? What about a vodka and soda/juice? What about the cost of a shot? Glass of wine? I am hating the cost of the premium booze perk but am thinking of doing the premium non-booze drink package so I can at least get unlimited water bottles (I am a camel) and it's a fraction of the cost. TA could not get me a good deal on the booze package. I don't drink that much and was only considering the premium booze package to get the water bottles included honestly.
  4. I found a TA and am in the process of transferring. He's saving me some decent money but I'm only getting $75 OBC. The perks they wanted me to buy were too expensive (4 perks option). So I need to buy the 2 perks I want on my own so I'll be saving some money in the long run but was hoping for more. Sounds like there wasn't a lot of wiggle room in negotiations unless I took the 4 perks..
  5. I know discussing TAs are illegal on here - I wouldn't even know where to find one..the ~online~ ones that are pretty obvious without stating had like the same deal as the CC website. If I do manage to find a TA, am I able to transfer my cabin under their account or do I risk losing the cabin to move my reservation to them?
  6. just double checked and it does say it applied a promo and I received an $880 discount.
  7. I already pre-paid gratitudes..not sure if that includes alcohol. Honestly I am considering the water bottle package ($200 - eek) and not getting an alcohol package like you said and pay by the drink.
  8. No - i chose the $800+ in savings (first option). I was only offered 2 perks as another option.
  9. Hi all. So I ended up booking the April 11 2021-April 23 2021 Ultimate S. Caribbean cruise!!! [LITERALLY 360 DAYS FROM TODAY..AGONY] Cabin 9226 - did I pick a good cabin? I did a lot of research and picked starboard with balcony. Certainly cost enough but got a huge discount ($800+ in savings)..I did not get aqua class etc, just plain veranda. I am a solo traveler and have never sailed on Celebrity. Must know facts? I also have some dietary restrictions and found the special needs form online..will do that later. My main concern turns to perks. It is around $1000 for the premium beverage package. That is absurd..although it is for 13 days. Thoughts or will it go down at some point? I never know when to check for perks discounts. I am mostly looking for cheap drinks (strawberry daiquiri) and water bottles. I also need to get the unlimited internet package..also expensive right now. What other perks do you recommend for Equinox? Any excursions (I don't usually do these) that you recommend for this route or areas I must see? Ports: Basseterre, St. Kitts St. John's, Antigua Bridgetown, Barbados Castries, St. Lucia St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands St. George's, Grenada KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT Thanks and be well.
  10. Hi all. Hope everyone is safe and well. . I am hoping to book an April 2021 cruise on Equinox. https://www.cruisecritic.com/cruiseto/itinerary-84115/ I am a solo traveler and have been on RCCL. Looking for a smaller ship..and one that takes hygiene importantly..as I'm sure it will be a top priority now more than ever. When is the best time to buy a CC cruise? Should I wait until a holiday sale or should I go ahead and book now? I want a balcony..hopefully. And not near a smoke deck. Please share your cabin recommendations for the Equinox. Any perks I should buy as well? I need high speed internet for my business, do I need to buy higher bandwidth? TIA!
  11. That's one of the main reasons I was looking at NCL - I heard from others that it was solo friendly. My job freaks out if I take off 2 weeks. I'm trying to find itineraries that leave on a Thursday and return the following Sunday or Monday on the next week. Obviously with Bayonne, there are more sea days so if I have to fly somewhere I guess I will. I live in NJ and Bayonne is sooo convenient.
  12. So I sailed on RCL's Anthem of the Seas for a 10 day cruise to the Western Carribbean/Bermuda but now I want to cruise to Eastern Caribbean. I found the Norwegian Gem, that offers an intinerary I like but I'm hoping this forum can assist with the following: 1. The biggest issue unfortunately..I came back from my cruise and got diagnosed with a rare form of strep! I had terrible fever for days. Is NCL good about cleanliness? I literally used hand sanitizer every 5 mins and was happy it was all over the ship...but still got sick. 2. The Gem's rooms are SMALL. A "mini suite" was the size of my balcony room on Anthem. Do many of you suck it up on fees to get a larger room? 3. I have dietary restrictions. Anthem was phenomenal and met with me every evening to figure out my dinner the following evening. How is NCL with these issues? 4. The Anthem had way too many people and a lot of kids! I know the Gem is half that size but I'm worried there aren't as many activites to keep busy on sea days ?? 5. I am a solo traveler! Anthem didn't really cater to me in that regard..they were more interested in mutli generational families. I'm looking for a cruise that is a bit friendlier to us solos. 6. Finally...I'm mostly leaning towards the Gem as it goes out of Bayonne. However, due to work restrictions on time allowed off, I'd be open to flying to Miami and doing like a 5-7 day cruise instead of 11 days like it would require if embarking from Bayonne. Thanks for your help!! If you guys think of another cruise that can suit my needs better than Gem, let me know your thoughts! Happy New Year!!
  13. Yeah, special needs said I could request one from the attendant..hopefully I get one. She said ohhh don't worry about the fan but became angry when I asked about the extension cord (no surge protector).
  14. I've heard people have better luck with battery operated. Mine is not, but can be plugged into a laptop. Does that count LOL?
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