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  1. All assigned dining was in Blush on our December cruise. YTD was in Sapphire.
  2. you can get coffee, and they offer for sale different types of tea, including green.
  3. Ours asked and seemed mildy offended that we only wanted evening, he proceeded to question us about why not both? We (well, hubby) slept in several mornings, so was just easier to us.
  4. I admit that after reading how bad the buffet was, I was mildly afraid of it when we went on our first cruise. However, after San Juan's million steps, i just didn't want to put on fancy shoes, LOL, so we did the buffet that night, and to my surprise, it was pretty good. Obviously smaller buffet selection than land based buffets, but still a decent salad bar, 5-6 veggies (not including rice/potatoes), a chicken dish, a fish dish, steaks, seems like another prepared meat, plus the carving station. Everything I ate EXCEPT 1 DESSERT, was fresh and tasty (the 1 dessert must have been leftover from lunch or something, as was dried out a fair amount). I never made it to the pizza, deli, or Blue Iguana (I'm very disappointed on that one), but we did manage to get Guys Burgers, the Pig and Anchor BBQ, etc. and I can't really say we found anything that wasn't decently good to very good.
  5. We were in a suite in December, and saw no mold, we did see small amounts of rust, on balcony/walking path decks, but we expected that, and it was small amounts even so. We loved the Breeze!
  6. Yes, coffee and hot tea (lipton tea bag) are free, and available in the dining room, I had hot tea a couple time in December on Breeze at dinner and every day at breakfast/brunch.
  7. We haven't booked yet, but are looking pretty seriously at 5/2/21, so like 450?
  8. We are just starting to look at what our next cruise will be, and looking for May-July 2021. There are 2 that particularly interest me, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are between them. Option 1- Panama cruise, leaves May 2 from Port Canaveral on Radiance, does Aruba, Curacao, Cartagena, the Canal, Limon, Cozumel, ends at Galveston (we would then fly home to Florida)- 2 cabins, prices range from 5130 for 2 of the 4k, to 6410 in 2 balconies. Option 2- San Juan Fascination, leaves 5/30, does St Thomas, St Maarten, St Kitts, St Lucia and Barbados, back to San Juan. Prices are less, 3-5k total, but would be round trip airfare for 4, vs the 1 way flight, plus would likely add a couple ground days in San Juan on the front or back, so that would make costs roughly equal. This would be first cruise for my girls, who would be 23 and 20 for the Panama, youngest turns 21 on 5/30 of that year. Second cruise for hubby and I, we did Eastern 7 day on Breeze this past year, so only ports anyone has seen on either are St Thomas and San Juan.
  9. We were just on the Breeze last month, they did not have soda machines anywhere accessible by guests.
  10. On our 7 night, we spent $250-300 on drinks total, hubby mostly drinks beer, I think had maybe 4 mixed drinks over the week. I drink martini's, pina colada, or several nights had a couple amaretto and sprite. Probably had 3 drinks each on average per day, something like that, but had a couple port days where we might not have any or had one, and beers hubby usually just bought a bucket and when those were gone, he was done.
  11. Jimbo, do you find the aft or aft wrap balconies to feel more movement? We were just on the Breeze earlier this month, and in a forward port side suite, which was fantastic. However, we walked deck 5 around basically daily, and the aft corners of the ship seemed to have enough motion to make our heads swim a bit. Not sure if that's a problem only for the breeze or only because of the semi rough seas or what?
  12. We just got back from our first ever cruise. We had prepaid the standard gratuities, did not have a drink package. We had Your Time Dining, so had a different group every night. But for room service, we added a tip (only did the free breakfasts), and every drink we bought, we added usually a dollar or two, even though the 18% is already in the cost. Also, on the last night, our favorite 2 bartenders at the piano bar, we did drink orders with $5 added tips for each. We left an additional $20 for our room steward, he was very nice, but only came once a day, never left any ice, I felt the service was good, but not so great that I felt more was warranted.
  13. Just got a call offering to upgrade my ocean suite to a grand suite, but at a rate of $91 per day, $637 total. Cruise leaves in 3 days, and is paid in full, I am thinking definitely not worth that much cost.
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