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  1. It will be the kids' first cruise (they'll be 23 and 21 respectively at the time), yes. We live in Tampa area and have family in Orlando area, so if we cruise from there, I don't have to pay to park, which is nice. I'm not against a smaller ship, and we did see about the refurb which gained it quite a few things that my oldest will like (waterworks, Alchemy, Guys).
  2. We leave on our first ever cruise, on the Breeze, in a couple months, but I've been looking this week at the 2021 cruise options, thinking to do a cruise with our grown daughters, probably a 4-5 night. I'm seeing some interesting ones on Elation. My concern is, after the Breeze, is Elation going to feel small/old/less than? Has anyone done both fairly recently?
  3. I'm so excited to be under 90 now! 88 today, we did our online checkin on Sunday.
  4. Tampa airport TSA is generally easy, less than 5 minutes. And the airport is approx 15-20 minutes max drive from the cruise port.
  5. As a semi-local, I would plan on getting lunch somewhere, as long as your flight is 3pm or later, I would not go to the airport more than 2 or 2 1/2 hours early. Orlando is a reasonably easy airport to navigate. From what I've been seeing, you should be off by 10ish even if you're one of the latest off.
  6. I am genuinely not a helicopter parent, though we tend to enjoy doing things as a family, my girls have definitely had the freedom to do their own thing as well. My oldest is autistic, high functioning, so will probably live at home for the extended future (now 21), she has a job and her own bank account, goes to theme parks (ie Disney World) with her friends, etc. My youngest is 19 and started at Florida State last year (4 hours drive away). She opted to live in an off campus apartment, where she had full access to kitchen facilities and laundry. She does know how to cook and do laundry, but still brought clothes home at least once a month and washed them at home instead, and never cooked a single food all year long at the apartment, due to not knowing or caring for her room-mate and not wanting to impose on the public spaces of the apartment.
  7. Breeze DOES have the seafood shack, it replaced the Tandoori, approx November of last year.
  8. Since when is Tampa an obscure port to fly into?
  9. I'm so loving this review, and am reading my way through your others as well. We are on the Breeze for our anniversary in December, so love seeing the pics, etc. Also you are such a great story teller, so it's a blast to read! We share a birthday, I'll be 49 this October, though!
  10. No stressing for cruise! I still have 177 days, but I literally can't wait!
  11. Thanks, all. Yes, we have any time dining, and we booked the steakhouse at 5:30, which is SO early, I'm sure I would have room to eat more later. But I do like the idea of dessert to go from the steakhouse. We still have 177 days to go, and I've already told my husband of my intent to do this, he tried to tell me you couldn't go to 2 dinners in the same night! I'm glad to have folks to validate my position! I expect I will eat the chilled fruit soups most nights, but the strawberry is the one I am MOST excited for, love the stuff! Disney has it on the buffet at 1900 Park Faire at Grand Floridian, we ate it the very first trip to Disney back in 2007, and I fell in love with it. Now we live in Florida so I can get it more often, which only makes me crave it more!
  12. Okay, so this is maybe a dumb question, but first time cruise coming up, we booked the steakhouse for embarkation day, BUT I see on the menus that day also has the strawberry soup in the MDR (cruising on Breeze 7 day eastern with YTD). I have a serious love for chilled strawberry soup, I can't possibly imagine not getting it. SO, question time. Can we go to the steakhouse at 5:30pm for dinner, then at say 8:30 or 9, go to the MDR also same day? That way I can go have the steakhouse, but still have strawberry soup, maybe another app, probably no entree?
  13. looks like they're gone now, just looked and only Dominican or Costa Maya listed.
  14. I am curious about this, is the dining room bad or are you just particularly fond of the steakhouse?
  15. Great start, we are on the same cruise in December.
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