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  1. Thank you for the great review! I booked this tour a couple of weeks ago for our upcoming cruise. I am so excited! A couple of questions: 1) I wear a patch when we cruise. Do you think that would be enough, or should I take something for the driving as well? 2) I am guessing my husband would choose not to the mud pit, but we haven’t actually talked about it. Did you hear any comments from the folks who did do that part?
  2. I have read really great reviews on Trip Advisor and an excursion site for the Perfume tour. Based on those reviews, I booked it! Sorry that I can’t give first hand comments ... yet!
  3. Same location, but at 9:30. I think Gail (or someone on one of the boards) suggested that we arrange with our driver a return pick-up time. Do you, or anyone who has been before, have a suggested time for that? We are doing the Pay As You Go. Are you doing the All Inclusive? A B2B would be so nice!
  4. Are you on the Anthem? We are booked there that day too!
  5. Hi, I am going on the 11-day Anthem cruise coming up later this month, and trying to plan out which nights I might like to do specialty dining. I can see the main dining menus for days 1-7 on the app, but I am looking to see them for days 8-11. Anyone have them, or could direct me somewhere to see them?
  6. I would love the walking tour as well. taralowes@ sympatico dot ca
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