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  1. Does anyone have recent experience with CDS luggage transfer service at Canada Place? Their website says they’re operational, no details, but they haven’t responded to email. Thanks. And Happy Canada Day!
  2. @DougK, thank you, and wow. Mystery solved for us- we could’ve sworn we saw the exact same itinerary for NA and Volendam when we booked, and it seems we did. Still curious why the change. We’ll go along with your thought and hope it changes back in reality! If you do find the Wednesday night position would you mind posting?
  3. @DougK, check this out - just found the route map for the NA I had saved from HAL site on March 31, showing NA following Chatman Strait! So at some point between then and May when you checked, the route shown online was changed. Wonder why... Can’t figure out how to insert the picture here.
  4. That does make sense, we were surprised it worked. And it seems we were really lucky as we just did this in March! Yikes.
  5. That’s what worked for us last offer with two cards on the same account. Didn’t get the offer from Amex, so added to each card from the link here on CC, then did 2 separate transactions a day or 2 apart online on HAL. We bought excursions with one card and OBC with the other (we had already transferred our reservation to the Big Box that doesn’t take Amex). For both transactions we got an immediate notification from Amex of the credit to the account.
  6. They didn’t and I never thought to ask! The agent just wasn’t very proactive or helpful and seemed stressed. The hold queue took forever. I think they were bombarded with calls from the Max upset.
  7. AA is doing the same. Got an email that my (perfect) flight from Vancouver was “changed”, but the new details were completely different. Looked it up and sure enough our flight had disappeared. They had automatically rescheduled us and of course by then the best alternative flights were already sold out. They were agreeable but not very helpful in our request change to a different lousy flight.
  8. @Beachfrog, forgot to ask- when was your trip? Thanks.
  9. @martincath, there’s a post from you that I can’t find, suggesting a couple of spots for lunch near the pier prior to embarkation. One was Cactus Club, and I forget the other? Thank you.
  10. Thank you, hope you had a great trip.
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