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  1. I think it’s worth it to learn to count calories. My fitness pal is a great app and if you scan the barcode of your food or just look it up, it counts calories for you. It seems like you’re filling up on almost all carbs with no protein. Not a good idea. If you’re doing one meal a day/ intermittent fasting that’s a good idea but you need to research and treat yourself right. fruit has no protein. It’s just carbs. Lasagna is full of carbs. Highly recommend you read “the obesity code” by dr fung. Maybe try some bone broth with veggies and tofu for lunch and a nice chicken/fish with lots of veggies instead. You’ll feel so much better.
  2. I prepay my gratuities but I like to have all my ducks in a little row lol. I like to plan, and if I can pay for something in advance I absolutely will to the best of my ability. I’m not cruising until may 2020, but my gratuity is all paid off already, my shore excursions are going to be booked and paid for by next month. I like to be able to save a lot for the cruise so I don’t worry about money. Not having the tips prepaid is a money worry. I don’t like the little minus sign on my shipboard account, it makes me nervous. I grew up just poor enough that I know to account for every cent, so if can get it done and paid off, I’ll do it.
  3. Excellent. I’ll try this. I had an awful time with my reusable mug last cruise, I put dairy in my teas and coffee so washing is a must! I’ll bring dawn and a little sponge. Thanks!
  4. Wondering if you had a hard time washing your reusables out? The bathroom sinks are so tiny. Did you bring a tiny to go size of dish washing liquid?
  5. I’m going to bring my reusable tumblers and mugs for sure next sailing (golden princess may 6, 2020!!!!!!) I tend to drink more if I’m using a straw. So. I’m not proud of this, okay, I’m a little proud, but there were times at the buffet where I was not about to slog all the way down to the IC for hot chocolate and the coffee and cones station made barely acceptable drinks so I would get warm milk from my server and... I’m hanging my head in shame here, but y’all know the dessert station buffet and how they always had some sort of chocolate or caramel or vanilla sauce going on to top things? I just took a ladle of that and stirred it into milk or coffee. look. You do what you gotta do. And that dark chocolate sauce in warm milk with a drizzle of the vanilla bread pudding custard sauce? Best drink I’ve ever had. The chef saw me do it, stopped me, I thought I was in trouble omg, and then sprinkled some sea salt in my drink and then told me to try it. so good.
  6. Hello all! I've cruised before but haven't run into this dilemma yet. My sister (30), me (34) and my father (60) will be taking a cruise to Alaska sometime in the summer of 2020. We're leaving from San Fransisco California so we will probably be taking Princess. I've cruised with them to Hawaii and loved it. The issue is this: My sister and I are taking our father, and we aren't comfortable sharing a bedroom or one room all of us. Would it be less expensive to get a two bedroom suite, or two cabins? We could also do a one bedroom suite if there's two double beds in the bedroom and a pull out couch, but ideally we would all have beds and our dad would be separate from us. Are their pros and cons to the suites? I know some come with extra amenities and perks, which is always nice. Any advice would be more than welcome!
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