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  1. great info on weather and such. thank you guys! we cannot wait! and the trip sounds and looks fabulous @ifihadamilliondollars!
  2. Interested to know about the weather (rain, temps, etc) and how was the whale watch itself? Heading to alaska next week on a cruise. still trying to figure out the clothing!
  3. i am hoping i won't need them - but since we don't have waterproof (i am spraying my sneakers but they are canvas with lots of pores) or hiking shoes, these will suffice in emergency. i will be happy to have them -and then get rid of them!
  4. we are going on our cruise next week and found these online. i figure if we are sitting outside or on a whale watch, its a good option as it its very easy to carry around and pack up. i plan to dispose after the trip. they are 14$ amazon prime. the sole has some tread as well. there are also silicone shoe covers you can purchase - prettier than but like the old fashioned rubbers that we used to put on our shoes oh so many years ago.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CPCWMPM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. I am sad to hear that Capt Alan may have to close shop. we did get our refund and he had a spot with Jayleen for us, but our ship did not get in early enough for the tour she had available - but i did appreciate his effort. I was able to book with Harve and Marve pretty easily. looking forward to our trip. i am sorry that your initial trip did not work out but hope it's all good this month.
  6. hi Cheryl - i just found out this week as well. Captain Alan said i should get my refund 'in the coming days'. i did not realize this happened quite a few weeks ago- and wonder why they are cancelling all the tours. I did book harv and marvs experience as well for the small group. I am glad you were able to rebook. i tried Jayleen, and a few others who all were booked. I have heard great things about harv and marv so was pleased they had openings that date.
  7. Anyone in Juneau on Aug 3 looking to book a whale watch tour? Mine got cancelled as Captain Jack has passed away sadly, and they cancelled my trip (Whale watching Juneau - aboard the Scania). Jayleen can accommodate but I need another passenger for her to open a tour. Any takers?
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