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  1. Agreed. You and I are in the same boat, so to speak.
  2. NCL didn't wait until the 11th hour (as bad as that would have been). They actually posted on the website at 4pm yesterday, saying that the 9/1 sailing would actually depart early. Guests were told to be at Port of Miami no later than 11am today. My frustration is: if NCL knew about the noon ET port condition change to Yankee, why in the world did they update the website telling guests to go to the port early? What exactly transpired in that four hour gap?
  3. You've got to be kidding me. This is getting kind of ridiculous. -- 4pm website update directing 9/1 guests to arrive early. -- By 5pm said website update is gone. Inbound calls to NCL indicate 9/1 sailing is cancelled. -- 9pm website update directing 9/1 guests to arrive early. What's going on, NCL?
  4. If Port of Miami elevated to condition Yankee at noon ET today, why did NCL post an update on their website at 4pm ET today telling passengers of the 9/1 Breakaway sailing that our itinerary had been revised to accommodate an earlier check-in at 9am; that all guests must be at the port by 11am tomorrow? That's the disconnect that especially frustrates me. That 4pm website update really screwed me over.
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