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  1. We were scheduled to be on the Xpedition last week but were able to switch to the Flora for this week once our cruise was canceled. We're currently sitting in a Q&A session with the captain and someone asked about the Xpedition. The captain says that repairs are supposed to finish up this week and be back here ready to sail in early February. I have no idea if he knows more than anyone else...but it's certainly encouraging for those that are scheduled to go soon. Of course, he could be told to say that....so who knows. Figured I'd pass this along though.
  2. There have been no updates, as far as I know. They've been cancelling trips one week at a time (about 10 days before the scheduled sailing). The customer service representatives on the Galapagos desk have no information about when the ship will be ready. They're basically told to tell customers "The ship is scheduled to sail...until we tell you otherwise." They aren't informed of the cancellations until the same day that customers are. On the bright side, when they have cancelled existing sailings they've been pretty fair with their reimbursement package (in my opinion).
  3. Got the official cancellation call today (for 1/18 sailing). Offer was 100% refund, 100% in future cruise credit, and up to $400 in airline change/cancellation fees. We immediately called Celebrity and we were able to rebook onto the Flora's 1/26 sailing! Then we called Delta and Avianca and were able to change our flights. After two months of heartache it seems like we will be going on a Galapagos cruise...and a nicer one that we had planned on.
  4. Just talked to Celebrity. The 1/11 sailing has now been canceled. No word on our 1/18 sailing but I'm not optimistic. 😞
  5. We're supposed to be sailing on 1/18/2020 and still have no idea if we're going to sail or not. I called Celebrity today and they said the cruise on 1/4/2020 has been canceled but they expect the 1/11/2020 sailing to go. I don't know how much stock to put into that though. What upsets me the most is that I haven't been able to get excited about this trip because I have no idea if it will happen or not. Normally by this point I'd be super excited to buy supplies and making a packing list... Sigh.
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