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  1. I do have "Free At Sea" plus I have $100 OBCS.
  2. What will happen if I forget My towel provided by NCL in the port city. Oh lets just charge Him eve more.
  3. It seems to Me everything on NCL ships costs $$$$.
  4. What is the Balcony Square Footage normal for a angled Balcony?
  5. I guess I will be saving $209. I can use that money other places on the ship.
  6. I wonder why they are so popular? I don't party so maybe Vibe not for Me since I am more anti social.
  7. Ouch. I wonder why they are so expensive? Does it included meals or something?
  8. I have My excursion booked with Victor Bodden and I can''t wait to Hug a Sloth.
  9. I am thinking about a Vibe beach Pass for My cruise next year on the Encore. Anyone know how much those passes normally cost? I've been told the Bliss has something similar the the Vibe pass.
  10. As one of My Five free perks I get the Adult Drink Package? Is this package adult drinks only package or is Sodas and Tea inlcluded in the package?
  11. There can't be a December 8th of 2020 sailing because the Encore departs Miami on December of 2020. Thats the cruise I am on.
  12. I'll find out in December of 2020 when I am on the Encore. Yeah I won't go a lot because I can't use My OBC towards it. Too costly.
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