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  1. I called a Celebrity agent yesterday concerning the extra charge for the "free" drink package. She stated that on October 10, 2019 the $14/day per person would go into effect. If you booked before this date, you will not be charged any more for the "free" drink package. The new charge will show in the summary of charges. I am not sure why this is being done since the word "FREE" makes it so misleading. Other cruise lines are incorporating this in their agendas as well. Luckily we were already booked since last year. If any cruise line in the future does this deceptive practice, we will more than likely consider other fun ways to travel. However, we have been truly blessed with Celebrity in the past.
  2. Again, thank you vtcruising for the great info and feedback. We, too, are looking forward to experiencing how this revolutionized Silhouette will be next March 2020. Out of all the cruise lines family and friends have experienced, most all came to the conclusion of preferring Celebrity. Thanks again!
  3. WOW!!! This is extremely informative and fun to read. I appreciate you sharing your "diamond-mine find" of info and photos. I have not looked and read it all yet, but definitely will by this weekend. Again, kudos to you for sharing this exceptional information!!! Thank you for your time and sharing nature.........
  4. Does anyone who frequents Celebrity Cruise Line know what the "revolutionized" means? Especially wanting more information on the upcoming Silhouette. I realize new areas may be revamped/created. However, do all the common areas and cabins get refurbished?? Thanks for any information you can share.
  5. Thank you everyone for the informative feedback. It is most welcome.
  6. Does this type of travel insurance protect you while on board ship and while in ports? And if so, how does it work? We are unsure if this protection offered is worth the expense. Thanks for any informative feedback.
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