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  1. We are due to set sail on her Thanksgiving day. I am worried but hopeful.
  2. I really hope cruising is back to normal by then, it looks fun! Not sure I can justify taking that many days off work tho 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
  3. we had a deposit down on a thanksgiving cruise. We decided even if it wasn’t canceled we would not go for safety reason so ultimately just didn’t pay off the cruise. Now that the cruise is canceled do you think we have a chance to get that refund back? Not a big deal either way but I wouldn’t mind being able to put deposit on another cruise. how would I go about checking into this or requesting a refund or transfer?
  4. How would this be handled. My daughter and I are driving in but my friend and his niece are flying in. I know if you have an early flight you can self assist and disembark early. If they end up with a early return flight will they allow us to to do the same since we are their ride to the airport?
  5. First cruise my daughter was 10, birth certificate, and state I’d. Second and third cruise we each had a passport. She was 13 and 15. No questions ever asked and we have different last names.
  6. So we bought it last cruise for the first time. Hindsight it probably wasn’t worth the cost to us. Yes, we was able to get right on the ship but there wasn’t even anyone waiting in the lobby and this was around 11:30ish. Our home port is New Orleans and it seems to be one of the easier ports. Went to put our bags in our room and the main doors was closed and never having fttf we had to wait and see someone to ask if we could go in, we just didn’t know protocol. I had to go to customer service 3 times and once was there a small line so the benefit there wasn’t that great. We didn’t have any ten
  7. The price is way out of my budget but I wanted to tell you I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how cold it feels out there. Yes, we did get chilly but it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be..
  8. Thank you for your answer, have a wonderful weekend
  9. So I received this offer today, I booked two cabins does anyone know if this would be available for both cabins? I will call tomorrow but just really curious. Also it has a checkout thing under the email so does this mean I have to pay the upgrade price when I accept it?
  10. The candy straws they are using now are gross. It was slimy and didn’t taste good in my mango daiquiri. I will look into a silicone one next time. Not a fan of metal being in my mouth.
  11. We are having a wonderful time! I just saw your post organized Caos We are having a great time, I just saw your post so on our way back from dive in movies we will take a look, we found 3 but they was tagged for our cruise so I don’t think they are yours. We have hid about 20 so far most have been found. kevin... very nice guy but I get what you are saying, I cringe every time he makes an announcement. Something about his voice lol guys burger.. i would be in trouble if he had one at home lol
  12. Not that I want your cruise to end... but it needs to hurry up and end so I can get on!!! i’m so ready
  13. Lol I didn’t even think of it that way... smh 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
  14. Is the only reason it’s required to go into carry on is Incase it’s lost? I really don’t have room for mine in my carry on as I just want to bring a small bag
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