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  1. Quick question, was light house open to visit or was it part of shore excursion ?


    Never seen Apple product on any cruise line.
  3. The only way to get to YC facilities is by walking across the bridge which completely blocked by personnel when small ships dock.
  4. Sadly no. Palm trees were planted in December and won't give you enough shade. Spend $15 for an umbrella.
  5. Armonia docks in Ocho Rios and arrives late. Last week they couldn't dock so they tendered which was complete disaster and people with late group numbers got off the ship around 2PM.
  6. Adult only beach by the spa will be the quetest on the island.
  7. 5 minute walk thru shopping mall. No shuttle or golf carts .
  8. They ran 2 shows daily, 7:15 for late seating and 8:45 for early. No reservation required.
  9. Cabins have hair dryers from 1990 , so it'll be a trip to the past for you. Bring your own hair dryer if possible.
  10. None of them are ocean front. They're behind 2 rows of loungers.
  11. None of them are close to the water.
  12. Just got off on Monday. No mini golf on board. It got replaced with cabanas and reserved loungers.
  13. Can someone clear this up. It shows Surf & Turf restaurant on the daily planner, but MSC website states there isn't any specialty restaurant on Armonia.
  14. How many formal night on 7 day cruise and any theme nights?
  15. How much were chairs and umbrella do you recall?
  16. How much is entree fee? What's included ?
  17. Last thing I would do on my vacation is laundry.
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