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  1. I could be wrong but think controlling COVID on the ship is very doable. The big issue in my view is how to deal with the excursions and controlling COVID getting on the ship from people getting off and coming into contact with COVID. We like sea days but not all sea days.
  2. Cruise cancelled April 2. Refund posted to Credit card account June 2. Not unhappy with that performance at all. Seems quite reasonable to me.
  3. I can not help but question all the complaining. It is clear that given the current financial position of Regent that the refund will happen. The value of the delay in terms of interest lost is minimal to the point of it being pennies. If the loss of use of a few thousand $ for a few weeks is that critical to ones finances then maybe they should reevaluate taking the cruise in the first place. With the current state of the world it would seem there is much more to be concerned about.
  4. In addition to the Regent ships, Navigator, Splendor, and Mariner the Oceania Regatta and the Norwegian ships the Joy and Jewel are in the LA harbor area. Suspect the post about reducing crew and sending them home from LAX is true and all the mentioned ships are sending crew home from LAX. NCL has probably charted planes to fly crew home. Makes sense to bring all the crew to one place and do it as a group. Advantage of being part of NCL.
  5. February 2021 is a long time from now so it is hard to predict anything in this world at this time. The Prime Minister of New Zealand today did announce that as of today ALL persons entering NZ , including NZ citizens will be put into " managed isolation" for 14 days. The NZ government has arrangements with 18 hotel properties to house such persons. It was not stated how long this policy would be in place. It is difficult to see that this can remain in effect for too many months due to the cost to the government and the impact on tourism which is very important to the country.
  6. There will be very stringent measures put in place for ALL travel , especially cruise ships, to New Zealand for many months if not a year or so. The belief in New Zealand is that all most all virus infections are travel related. There was a news conference just yesterday where the Prime Minister made comments to that effect. They are very keen to take extreme measures to stop the virus from getting back into the country once it is stamped out. So far the extreme measures taken have proven very beneficial in stoping the spread. As of yesterday there has been only 1 death and that was over a
  7. There is a great contest going on currently. You all should try to win. First place is a 10 day cruise on the Grand Princess Second place is a 20 day cruise on the Grand Princess.
  8. What does someone do that has been away from their home for say 30 days and is getting on a ship in a foreign port. Unable to get a certificate from normal doctor. While the example may not be normal it does happen.
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