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  1. bahama daydreamer

    Cruise Critic M&M on teh Magic

    We had the same thing happen on the Oct. 1 sailing of the Conquest. Was told we would get an invitation but saw it in the Funtimes. It was the next to the last day and only 6 people showed up. We also had a talk with head of entertainment and suggested they talk with Cruise Critic about it. There were drinks and snacks there but with so few people no one stayed long.
  2. bahama daydreamer

    Embassy Suites 17th Street

    Do they have a shuttle from the airport to the hotel? What is the cost of a taxi?
  3. bahama daydreamer

    FLL and Hotwire

    Thanks for the information. I went ahead and booked Embassy through their website. Just decided it was worth the price and we were willing to pay for what we get.
  4. bahama daydreamer

    FLL and Hotwire

    Any idea what the other all suite hotel is at Port Everglades?
  5. bahama daydreamer

    Post your memorable BARBADOS PICS HERE!

    Wondering if Holetown is recommended. What is the best way to get there from the cruise port and how long to get there?
  6. bahama daydreamer

    Private catamaran, sailboat, or regular boat tour operators

    How many people are in your group? I have been on one that accomodates 6 people.
  7. bahama daydreamer

    Seeing the baths

    Thank you for the information. We have decided to wait. We don't want to take the chance and miss our boat. We'll just have to cruise to Tortolla sometime and see the baths then.
  8. bahama daydreamer

    Seeing the baths

    Just wondering if anyone has sailed to the baths. Is it doable on ship time and what excursion company?
  9. bahama daydreamer

    Free cruise from local casinos

    I would have gotten one from Hollywood St. Louis but since we had already booked a cruise we didn't get it. Can't take more than 1 cruise a year even if it's free.
  10. bahama daydreamer

    Liberty out of San Juan in October

    [quote name='lovebirdy2015']We were able to book through Southwest, so we get the perk of free bags! Which is always really nice. Also the rates for tickets was around $450 - which is closed to what we paid 3 years ago. Travel Agent said that anything under $500 to San Juan is pretty fair. We originally planned to sail the 6 day southern later in the month, but that flight was nearly booked - causing flights to be about $763 per person! So we switched to the early October flight[/QUOTE] We're looking at 420.00 pp on Southwest right now flying in on Saturday and coming back on Monday. Maybe we should look at going ahead and booking.
  11. bahama daydreamer

    Liberty out of San Juan in October

    [quote name='lovebirdy2015']We are flying in early on Sunday. Flight arrives around noon. Hoping for good luck with that. Travel agent said should be fine as ship doesn't depart until 10pm. We flew in on Sunday, day of boarding last trip as well & didn't have any problems... so hoping for a repeat of the same :)[/QUOTE] Did you get a good deal on flights? I have been looking but hope to get something a little cheaper. Haven't done San Juan before so wondering if prices now are the best we will get.
  12. bahama daydreamer

    Liberty out of san juan

    [quote name='lovebirdy2015']Is that 2 bottles of wine per person or 2 per cabin?[/QUOTE] You're allowed to bring 1 bottle per person. This will be the first cruise we will be doing this also. Hubby doesn't drink wine so guess it will be for me.
  13. bahama daydreamer

    Info on Breeze please !!

    I tried to load a couple of pictures I have of the cabin but it's not working. Sorry.
  14. bahama daydreamer

    Info on Breeze please !!

    We had an interior spa cabin in 2013 and loved it. Our first interior after several years in a balcony cabin and decided spa interior is definately worth it.
  15. bahama daydreamer

    Anyone else doing Plexus Slim?

    Cruisinsly- I've had a lot of people that have been negative about this too. I just figure that if I feel good and am losing weight slowly then I will continue. My parents and sister also do it and my dad is diabetic and has high blood pressure, taking 2 meds a day. He had his Dr. look at it and the Dr. told him there wasn't anything harmful in it and to continue if he would like. His blood sugar and blood pressure have improved. I too am not losing a lot like others but I figure as long as I'm not a size 18, on a 5'1" body, then I'm happy.