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  1. With the most recent cruise I booked (departs in 6 days, eeekk), I booked a guarantee and received zero upsell offers until after my cabin was assigned, which luckily was 7 weeks out from sailing. Not sure if this is the "rule of thumb" so to speak, but if it is, and you don't get your room assignment until a few days out from sailing, it could dramatically reduce the chances of you receiving an upsell offer.
  2. I've taken an upgrade (upsell) twice now and once I've taken an offer, I have not received any subsequent offers for that sailing. Your own experience may vary, but I have found that the best upgrade (upsell) offers come closer to and often after the final payment date. Unless your sailing is a popular one (i.e. Memorial Day), I would think you would be safe waiting for subsequent offers.
  3. The last upgrade offer I took was actually available on the Cruise Manager page hours before the email got sent out. Booked the upgrade at like 10am, got the official email letting my know I had upgrades available 4 hours later, lol.
  4. While I have previously read this in much older posts, 2015 and prior, I do believe this is no longer the case. All of Carnival's terms pages previously referenced in these posts were updated 2017 -2018 to either remove the "people who are upgraded do not get amenities" wording or have been entirely revised to specifically state that people who upgrade will get the amenities. I upgraded to a spa room for a 2016 cruise before they changed that wording and still had no problems accessing the spa amenities.
  5. I received upsell offers today for my Sept. 21st cruise on Dream. My cabin was deck 2 aft interior (was a guarantee) and one offer was for $38 to move to deck 6 aft or middle and the second offer was $96 for a Spa Interior on 11, I jumped on the latter. If I had purchased the spa pass for the week for my previous room, it would have been $150 plus I would have had to schlep all the way from aft deck 2 to forward deck 12. So yeah, I considered that offer an awesome deal! 🙂
  6. Are you pricing it using the exact same VIFP rate? If the rate code/type you booked under in July has since expired and is no longer available to you, they will not price match nor will they upgrade your cabin selection. In that case cancelling and rebooking under a different VIFP rate is your only option. I recently learned this the hard way myself....
  7. Also check the fine print to see whether or not it says free drinks "when you qualify". If so, you'll have to earn the points for DOU card before you can use it.
  8. I just checked this and it looks like they completely redesigned this page. I can now see all sales & offers and not just the VIFP ones. Cool.
  9. Took a cruise out of Florida about 2 years back and swung through a CVS to get my Dr. Pepper before heading to port. No 6 packs though, so I had to lug a 12 pack through the security line. I get up to the check-in counter, plop down my 12 pack and before I can even hand the nice lady my paperwork and identification, she's like "you're from Texas aren't you?" lol 😉
  10. On my last cruise I got an upsell offer from 1st level midship interior to a Spa interior (with all of the spa features) for like $12pp. I thought that was a great deal. For reference they sent me a series of email upsell offers before that that were horrible, i.e. move up a few decks for $10pp and the locations were under the pool or MDR, no thanks.
  11. This is actually one of the things that makes me shy away from purchasing the 100 shares, since I always sail on a casino rate. Without the $100 OBC, this seems a less appealing investment. What should it matter what rate you get for the sailing, you're still a stock holder?
  12. OP, in the end it's your choice. You're going to find people on both sides; you'll be fine vs. too risky. I would just keep an eye on the regulations, just in case they changed before you sail. As an anecdote, I had a February cruise a few years back, and thanks to a recent name change and the threat of a government shutdown, I had had to spend a hefty sum for expedited processing and expedited shipping of a passport, and I promise you the money squeaked a little coming out of my pockets as it was the holidays. Not spending the $150 now could cost you expedition fees in the future and there's no guarantee that money will ever be less tight.
  13. The general rule of thumb is 6 months from expiration, you should renew your passport. Carnival's website even has the following note: Carnival highly recommends that all guests travel with a passport valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel (unless otherwise noted).
  14. how smooth/not smooth was debarkation?
  15. Phone chargers maybe. I always like to carry on a set of undergarments, cruising or flying, but maybe I'm just paranoid.
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