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  1. I'm sailing on Jewel May 20-27 -- can someone point me in the right direction to find out cost to dine at Cagney, Moderno, and the brazilian place -- not sure if I want to dine at all 3 or just one and wondering whether I should purchase a dining package or not (there's 4 of us) TIA, Brenda
  2. Do you have to purchase the wi-fi in order to use the Internet Cafe, or is there a different charge in the cafe? Thanks, Brenda
  3. Question -- so I booked an excursion online w/NCL instead of waiting until I was onboard. My package gives me $50 credit/port. In speaking w/NCL yesterday asking how I get this credit since I paid full price booking online, they said they'll give a $50 credit for onboard -- does anyone know if I can use this credit towards payment for a photo package? Thanks, Brenda
  4. Juneau or Skagway? Is one better than the other??
  5. After getting off in Seward (which I knew), we planned to rent a car for the day and drive to Anchorage for our 10:30pm flight. Just seemed more economical than transfer by cruiseline and we have freedom to do more sightseeing during the day then. Am I on the right track?
  6. We are stopping in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. Thank you for the advice
  7. Oh thank you -- that makes me feel better!! I was thinking that "2 hr rule" sure took a lot of time away from doing things off the ship. Trying to make the best use of time in ports as possible -- there's so much to see & do!!
  8. Are the times shown on the itinerary the actual "arrive/depart" times? If it says we depart at 9pm, does that mean then we have to be back on the ship at 7pm? It's been 15 years since our last cruise, so many questions!! TIA, Brenda
  9. This is our first trip ever to Alaska -- Vancouver, BC to Anchorage May 20th-27th. Family of 4 (Mom, Dad, 2 adult kids) -- excursions are so expensive!! I need advice from seasoned travelers -- which tour companies have you used for your excursions if you didn't book through the cruiseline? What can y'all share with me for advice?? Many thanks, Brenda
  10. Has anyone used this company instead of booking excursions through the cruise line? Thanks, Brenda
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