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  1. if you are looking for some cheap throw away decorations you can also get some at dollar tree if you have one in your area. We did a walk though of the dollar tree and pointed out things you can use for decorations and other inexpensive items for cruising. Take a look if you are interested. 🙂
  2. Hello we did a review of the spa cabin on the Vista if you would like to get an idea of kind of what to expect.
  3. WEDDING PACKAGE FAQS How can I book a wedding? Just give us a call! Once we have confirmed that space is available on your date and you have booked your cruise, our personal wedding planners can help you find your perfect wedding package. You may contact the Wedding Department at 800 933-4968 or 305-599-2600 (extension 74968), Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm ET. Due to limited space, all wedding reservations are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Can I pay for my Wedding over time? Payment is due at the time of booking, and a portion of all wedding packages is a non-refundable deposit to secure your special day. Carnival Weddings can be booked by phone with a credit card. Certified checks and money orders are only accepted from travel agents. Do I need to cruise to have a Carnival wedding? Yes, the wedding couple is required to sail. Fortunately, getting married on Carnival is the perfect way to start a honeymoon! We do welcome both sailing and non-sailing wedding guests in most ports. In ports where we anchor at sea and use water shuttles, non-sailing wedding guests are not permitted to board the ship. What is the maximum number of guests I can have at my wedding? The maximum number of non-sailing wedding guests attending a wedding is 50. What is the difference between the types of Carnival weddings? An Embarkation Wedding takes place on the ship before your cruise begins, so you can celebrate with family and friends who are not sailing with you. A Wedding At Sea requires that all guests sail with you, since it takes place on the ship, at sea. An Onboard Destination Wedding is offered aboard the ship while it’s docked in a particular port. A Destination Venue Wedding happens off the ship, either on a beach or a similarly beautiful location. At what time do my wedding guests and I need to be at the port? Priority boarding is provided for couples being married the day of embarkation, once the ship is cleared by U.S. Customs. Arrival time for wedding guests is usually 10:30am for most ports. These times are provided with embarkation instructions through our Wedding Department based on the sailing port. You must be at the pier at the time indicated by your Wedding Planner for priority boarding. Please be prompt. Couples getting married later in the cruise will follow general boarding procedures. How long will my wedding ceremony last? The ceremony is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. What’s included in the ship’s onboard wedding ceremony set-up? Onboard weddings include an aisle runner and two decorative pillars with white silk floral arrangements. We also have additional decorations, like silk rose petals, that we are happy to provide with specific wedding packages. What is the deadline to book a wedding? You must book your wedding no later than 60 business days prior to sailing. But don’t wait that long — all of our services are available on a first come, first serve basis, and often sell-out. Is the cruise price included in the wedding package? No. The cost of the wedding package and related services, does not include cruise fare. Your cruise must be purchased separately. Will my ceremony be performed by the ship’s captain? All wedding ceremonies are performed by a local officiant. How do you determine which room my wedding will be in? Wedding lounges are assigned based on the number of guests attending the wedding, plus which reception options you have selected. What time do the weddings start? In most ports, weddings start at approximately 1:00pm. Do I need to have a reception with my wedding ceremony? How you celebrate your big day is up to you and we know you want to make it memorable for your guests. We can accommodate almost any budget with options for hors d’oeuvres and beverages. If you select a package without a reception, a short champagne toast will be held to end your ceremony. Which time of the year is the least expensive to have a wedding? Wedding prices don’t change seasonally but are subject to change at any point based on capacity and demand. Do you perform same sex marriages? Absolutely! Note, however, that certain ports we sail to do not recognize the legality of same-sex wedding ceremonies. In those ports we can only provide symbolic ceremonies for same-sex couples. The laws at some ports prevent us from being able to offer a symbolic or legal service. Please contact our wedding department for more information on which ports have restrictions. Can I get married while at sea? Yes! We now offer the option of Wedding At Sea. These are symbolic ceremonies — they’re not legally binding.
  4. Lucky you!! The Panorama and the Mardi Gras our on our list! Hope you have fun!
  5. Don't get the Surf and Turf if you are hungry. We did a review on youtube if you would like to watch. the menu is in the description
  6. Cheaper is you purchase it before. Are you doing shore excursions? If so keep in mind while you are off the boat your drinks are not free, we ended not covering our cost...left about $350 that we didn't use. We did a review of Cheers! if you need more info.
  7. When you say the first sea day do you mean the first full sea day or first day you leave port? Thanks
  8. Also note that if you plan to get multiple massages and want to take advantage of the 20%/30%/40% discounts, booking online is separate from the ship. We booked a spa cabin on the vista and preordered our first massage and got the 20% discount thinking that we would start with 30% if we decided to book another once on-board. Not the case, you start back at 20%
  9. Also if you are doing any shore excursions factor any time you will be off the boat, you lose money by leaving the boat for an extended period of time.
  10. Hello all, we were able to snag a couple of spots for the Chef's Table, has anyone done this on the Dream? Is it done in a dining room or is it entirely held in the Kitchen? What night do they usually have the dinner? Thanks
  11. We did a review of the Pixels package if you would like to take a look. We are up in the air on if we would purchase the package again. I still think they should give you an option of purchasing all your digital photos for $150 at the end of your cruise. Seems to me they would make more money that way.
  12. Sorry been offline for a while.. We did a review of the our experience with pixels.
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