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  1. It’s really an onboard app. Not much info if you’re not currently on a cruise, but full of info during your cruise. You can change the app from your cruise to see current cruises to see what I mean. One suggestion. Got to the Daily Planner page. In the upper right is a “filter” link. Click on it and change from “Recommended” to “Show All”. Then you will see everything that is on the printed planner. You can add things that you’re interested in to “My Calendar”. Anything you book with Celebrity- dinners, spa appointments, excursions, etc, will automatically be added to your “My Calendar”.
  2. Tattoos are very common today. You’ll see plenty of people with them. No big deal unless people are stuck in 1950. If so, who cares what they think?
  3. I’d like to know where you live and/or what you believe that a “well paid” teachers salary is? Teachers pay sucks for the education they are required to have, the amount of time they have to put in, and the unpaid expenses that they shell out for classroom supplies. I would never do that job.
  4. Nothing stirs the pot on this board nearly as much as the dress code threads.
  5. We did our first cruise on Celebrity last month. People onboard are WAY more easy going than people on the board who act like they own the ship. I wore pants to dinner every night and then changed into shorts for shows/bar afterwards. I also saw men wearing shorts in specialty dining, two teenagers wearing hats at specialty dining and a guy who wore shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt day and night (no idea where he ate). What other people choose to wear had 0 impact on my enjoyment of the evening or the cruise. I choose to worry about myself.
  6. We had dinner at Murano a few weeks ago on the Equinox. There was ONE high end French white by the glass- Joseph Drouhun Chablis Premier Cru. It was $29 a glass. (we paid the $14 difference plus tip difference from our premium package to drink a wine that matched the food quality). When the wine arrived, we were told the Drouhin was out, but they would pour us the Faiveley Chablis Grand Cru for the same price. That's like ordering a Cadillac, but getting a Mercedes instead. GREAT wine! Sometimes (not often) the many out of stocks works in your favor.
  7. Proper stemware definitely makes a difference. The cheap glass will restrict the flavors of the wine. He’ll see right away how much better the wines will taste when he pours the wine from the cheap glass into the Riedel. The seminars I did with Riedel used the clunky Libby wine glasses that used to be prevalent as their control glass. They were heavy and awkward and had a rolled lip, which makes you tilt your head further back to drink the wine. Riedel glasses are light and balanced and have a cut lip. Riedel will amplify the wine’s flavor. While that is good for good wines, flaws in bad wines is also amplified. Two special notes: When washing Riedel do not hold the stem or base of the glass and wash or dry the bowl. It is very easy to torque the bowl off the stem, especially with the Bordeaux glass. Instead, hold the bowl at its base with the stem between your two middle fingers to clean and dry the bowl. They should tell you this in the seminar. Also, for the seminar, either do not brush your teeth that morning or have something to eat before the tasting. Toothpaste will make the wine taste horrible.
  8. The red Bordeaux glass covers everything in your description (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are Bordeaux varietals), except the Shiraz. There is a Syrah glass that is similar to the Red Bordeaux glass, so go with the Red Bordeaux for all. I don’t have the Syrah or Brunello glass, but use the Bordeaux for those wines, since it is a similar shape- I only have so much room for wine glasses. The Vinum Bordeaux glass item is 6416/0. About $30 a glass, but sold in packs at several retailers, so you may find a discount if you buy a 6 or 8 pack. This is the big Riedel glass you probably see the most.
  9. This makes sense on a cruise. I was wondering how people would get their glasses. There is enough to pack on a ship already and crystal would be bulky and fragile. At the land based seminars, there is a box with a cutout of each size glass. People take their seminar glasses home. Someone did tell me that they believe Riedel is doing the seminar with the Veritas series of glasses now.
  10. EXACTLY. Supposedly they were designed for people who live in apartments with little storage space.
  11. I am in the wine business and have participated in the Riedel seminar several times in the past (on land, not on a ship). They used our wines to do the tasting. It has been a few years since I have done one, but the seminar was of the Vinum line of glasses. You get one each glass: Red Bordeaux, Red Burgundy, Chardonnay (Chablis) and Sauvignon Blanc. The seminar also will use a cheap bar glass to start to show you how much better wine will show in the proper stemware. The premise of the tasting is to start with each wine in the cheap glass, swirl, sniff, taste and then pour it in the next glass. Repeat. Riedel stemware is designed to place the type of wine you are drinking on your tongue to hit the optimal taste buds for that wine- (sweet, salty, sour or bitter taste buds). So even though the Chardonnay will taste good in the other three Riedel glasses, it will taste best in the Chardonnay glass, etc. You leave with the set of 4, but not the cheap glass. The idea is that you then purchase more of each type to have a set of them. After all, what good is one glass if you have guests? Price wise, the glasses are a relative deal, since they are about $25+ individually and you get education as to why they make a difference. And they do. I use Riedel at home and have a few different types on top of these four styles. FYI, if you want an all purpose Riedel Vinum glass, the Zinfandel/Chianti glass (model 6416/15) is the best all around for whites and reds. Not as good as having the proper glass for each, but VERY serviceable for all wines. We use those for large events when we will be serving different types of wines and having each type of glass isn’t feasible. I hate the O series of stemless glasses from Riedel. But that’s another story.
  12. They made the announcement one time (that I heard), right before boarding began at 11am. If you were just arriving at that time, you may have missed it. We were in and out of our room in 3 minutes, sea passes in hand, passports locked up in the safe and back packs dumped on the couch. We had a great time. My first time on Celebrity (Royal Caribbean a few times with our kids previously) and first cruise in over 10 years. We’ll definitely do more and on Celebrity. A cruise week seems to last a month. Other vacation weeks feel like 3 days. I did a full review on the review forum here. Waiting for them to post it.
  13. We were on the July 13th cruise also. We arrived around 10:30am. Also did all the online registration and had the express pass on our phones. Breezed right through. Boarding began at 11:00. They made an announcement before boarding began that you COULD go to your cabins and get your sea pass, drop off bags and then leave to explore the ship. We did that and we're at the buffet before 11:30. Busy, but still plenty of seats at that time. This was our first Celebrity Cruise, so we had no status and were one of the last to board as we had a Deluxe Veranda cabin, but not Concierge or Aqua.
  14. I was on the July 13th sailing. WiFi was SLOW in my cabin. Worked better on the upper levels. Since I was on vacation, I didn't need it, but for the price they charge, they should have more boosters throughout the ship.
  15. Just did Le Petite Chef last night on Day 3 on Equinox. It was the 4 chef competition- the Italian chef won. VERY cool concept and the food was delicious. They said the menu will change for days 5-7. But we are already booked for sushi and Murano.
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