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  1. In our community we have to make appointments, so there is a limited number of people in the gym at one time, They also will close the gym every 2 hours for the staff to do a deep cleaning along with the users cleaning before and after use.
  2. Just for your information, the Magic Carpet is on the starboard side. Any even number cabin is that side. Maybe switch to a odd number cabin,
  3. Maybe a "No Knock" room service drop off at the door?
  4. Being a recent returnee to the board, I have detected a sometime U.S.A. vs Canada rivalry. So I like to share a song that might bring us together😁...........
  5. Is that service for all suites or just the upper class suites?
  6. https://cruisemaven.com/what-the-future-of-cruising-could-look-like/?fbclid=IwAR0YcFlnk-bHSYkv1DmgIoWBJBMavj5JOIc2L12MjLjRdjA_AxK7hdPSuHY Interesting read
  7. I have followed the Sandal's boards for most of their resorts. I have been going to different Sandals since 1998. There, just like here people are split. Some can't wait until they open up, while others say, why spend the money, and not get a true Sandal;s experience. They question getting dinner reservations, social distancing on beach or around the pool, having drinks at the bars, and scuba, and snorkeling tours. A lot that have this years vacations cancelled, have delayed until next year.
  8. I'll guess October 12th.............Los Angles to Los Angles. Mexican Rivera
  9. Thank you all for your stories and suggestions.
  10. Following that I went to Trader Joe's who, IMHO, has the best social distancing and sanitization of anywhere that I have been. Shoppers get freshly disinfected carts before entering. I couldn't agree more about Trader Joe's. Only when someone leaves do they allow a new customer in. They have one employee at the door to ensure that happens. They also put up shade tents for people standing in line, (Arizona)
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