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  1. Latest update. Our cruise, while officially cancelled, has yet to be refunded to us. First call was back mid-July so we're over 45 days from my initial cancellation phone call to RCL. Two emails sent same day as my first post. Neither have gotten a response. Emails from RCL this morning with the Cruise Confirmation. No details other than the original itinerary and that we are paid in full. Just tried to call RCL 3 times: one to their Customer Care line and two to the usual reservations number. Both state on the website as being open since 7 AM EST. Each time I've called this morning? I get the same message - "Our office is currently closed. Please call back during regular business hours." WTH?
  2. Originally booked on Sept 23 2021 Anthem Capitals Cruise for two connecting verandah cabins. On July 9th, we received an email from RCL that the itinerary changed and we had until July 23 to cancel for full refund. On July 10th, I spent almost an hour with RCL customer service cancelling our cruise. At that time, the representative had nothing to confirm the cancellation. Nothing -- no confirmation at all. She simply said we could refer to her first name if there was an issue. I was told the cruise was cancelled and the refund to our CC would be up to 30 days (don't get me started on that unacceptable timeframe but fine) Since then, we are still getting all of the emails as if we are on this cruise. Then yesterday, we got another email that the cruise overall was cancelled and we would need to call to get a refund. And yes, only the full refund. Nothing additional offered beyond $100. I logged back into our account today (because why should we need to re-cancel a cancelled reservation right?!) and those two reservations are STILL ACTIVE!! What the heck is going on with RCL? We are longtime loyal Celebrity cruisers so we assumed we would have the same service from RCL but this is insane. I have some leniency with the customer service department being backed up. However, this is unacceptable. We have yet to see the cancellation and they still have thousands of money from us. Is anyone else having these issues? I've submitted via contact us on the website as I have no confidence of calling back again and having anything different happen -- and we need a chain of communications to refer to.
  3. Watching the entire cruise industry right now going through weighing these decisions, I think RCL is looking at how to maintain revenue opportunities while also minimizing complexity as well as potential disgruntled consumers. Specifically for the Anthem 23rd sailing, it's 9 ports of call. Their chances at this stage of having all of these ports open and cleared, then with excursion companies ready, and the logistics associated with the supply chain issues we're all still facing is a low probability. Then, looking at this from a purely business decision, I would assume at this time that RCL will continue Anthem for UK and British isles which gives them some revenue. It's a conservative and safer option for them with all of these unknowns.
  4. We're booked on Anthem Sept 23 out of Southhampton. With the quiet announcement the line posted on May 15 (see link below), I think it's safe to say we wait until the official announcement for September but assume itinerary will be shifted to 2022. "Anthem of the Seas June 4 to August 29, 2021: Instead of offering European sailings, Anthem of the Seas will now offer Ocean Getaways and British Isles itineraries from Southampton exclusively for UK residents." Here's the link: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
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