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  1. That would be me! I don't drink at all until vacation time.......and even then I try not to overdo it. I did, however overdo it once & was passed out right after muster:eek:.....didn't drink again the rest of the week, lol.:p I enjoy it on vacation (not enough to get the the cheers pkg) because driving is not an issue, and letting loose a little is what vacation is for......Lord knows we all need to let loose a little :D
  2. bubbles1209

    B2B question.

    Not really sure if CCL has a "deal" with the airlines for situations like that. We were returning home behind hurricane Sandy, got an extra day at sea because of the hurricane (wasn't safe to dock), and when we got ahold of the airlines, and told them of our situation, they wanted $1200 per person to change our flight by 1 day......we wound up renting a car to get home. We had trip insurance, and they did not reimburse us because we turned down a flight and rented a car instead, which was way cheaper. They would have reimbursed us for the flight had we have taken it. They would have rather paid out more money than less money......go figure
  3. Is there a seperate check in & waiting area in Galveston for the Platinum, Diamond, FTTF, people that have suites, etc..........or after check in is everyone in the same waiting area? Never been, and curious, thanks for any input :)
  4. Everyone has their own choices,but we (can't speak for all) prefer using our PVP because any questions we have or price drops we're eligible for, we can call Carnival at any time and speak with them about our reservation. When you book your reservation through a TA, everything has to be done by the TA, if you call Carnival, they'll say have your TA help you....which, if you're hoping to get in on a price drop late on a Saturday night, & your TA is out of the office until Monday, kinda makes it a little tougher to do I've read. I think that pretty much sums it up. TA's offer lots of incentives from what I've heard, but we have always used our PVP just in case anything should come up & we want to speak with them directly. We always book a price we're good with, but should a price drop come up, it's always icing on the cake so to speak if we're eligible. As far as booking the excursions & fun shops, I would think all you need is your booking number once you log in on Carnival's site to do that. If it works differently using a TA, I'm sure someone will come along & correct me, have only used a TA once, for our very 1st cruise, and we did all that onboard. Hope this helps. :)
  5. bubbles1209

    $500 Bond?

    We have always used cash and have never heard of this, nor have we ever been told or asked to do it.
  6. bubbles1209

    Ecstasy cruise several months later...

    Grandma always told me not to ever say never, hahaaaaaa. Time has proven to me time & again she was right. Hope ya'll have a great cruise!
  7. bubbles1209

    Hobby Airport Hotel Suggestions?

    Was also interested in what people had to say on this topic, was wondering where was good myself. We're gonna give Drury a try, sounds great. Got it for a good rate too, thanks guys!
  8. bubbles1209

    Seattle hotels

    I've stayed at the Edgewater Hotel before, the terminal is literally right up the street from there. We could see the ship from our room, it was just like it was in our backyard, with our backyard being the ocean. Beautiful hotel, atmosphere, close to everything.
  9. bubbles1209

    Prepaid Gratuities

    I just like having it out of the way. It's $ spent either way, but like not having to worry with it once I'm there. Not sure why the need to know or not, doesn't matter to me if they know whether I prepay or not. I just know they work hard & deserve it.......now for some popcorn over here in the recliner to watch the show.:D
  10. bubbles1209

    Prepaid Gratuities

    We always prepay ours, they all work hard, customer service is no joke
  11. bubbles1209

    Is customer service wrong or am I?

    What special/rate did you book with?
  12. bubbles1209

    Carnival transfers

    Flying into Houston the day before our cruise out of Galveston
  13. bubbles1209

    Carnival transfers

    Had been looking at Galveston Express for sure......until I read some of the reviews, you may wanna check that out, and look at more than 1 review site;)
  14. bubbles1209

    Carnival transfers

    I've learned over time not to ever say never. I normally don't book the Carnival transfers either, but Galveston is expensive no matter who you choose to go with it's looking like. Normally we grab a cab because we're right there at the port, rather than do the hotel shuttle which is a lot of waiting, but this time we will not be. The cost of getting to the port is expensive no matter who you seem to choose, and it's looking like the shuttle services are mostly shared and the issue of being at the mercy of the bus & others will be a factor no matter who I choose. Yes, we can purchase more private transfers, but they are more pricey than the Carnival transfers by quite a bit more, which is money I can be enjoying our vacation.
  15. bubbles1209

    Carnival transfers

    OR...........they mean they're not responsible to provide transfers outside of the service times.....which means if I get there a day early they aren't responsible then, but if I book a transfer & head back to the airport the next morning which is the day of the cruise, THEN they'll provide transportation:eek:......yep, I think the lightbulb just clicked on for me :o Thank you for your reply & your help