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  1. It turns out that the problem of a tiny pool can be solved in incredibly different ways, described in this article. Of course, there are differences between swimming pools on a cruise ship and a regular pool in the yard, but many solutions are identical.
  2. Hey! I trust only my carpet cleaning service provider. Guys once helped me a lot and now I only appeal to them. If you live in Miami you can find them here, but I think they have offices in other cities.
  3. I am also allergic, for a long time I did not understand what the problem was until I encountered a similar problem. At home, the wife cleaned the carpets on her own, using a chemical from Walmart. When I practically began to choke, we turned to the doctor who, as a detective, explained everything to us. After that we used only chemical-free cleaners or carpet cleaning service providers. When we chose cruise we ALWAYS asking about carpets in room, upholstery cleaners and other thinks that's can cause my health.
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