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  1. Thank you guys. But my only concern was if MSC would leave him board because they have in their requirements this rule. I had already checked with the embassies of all the countries we will be traveling to and his passport is ok. Also now our interim president just approved Venezuelan expired passport will be accepted too. Although the situation is very complicated many countries have recognized him as the president so I think this will also help us and other venezuelans around the world. Now I think I can relax and plan our holidays 🙂
  2. Hi Brillohead, I finally got an answer from someone in MSC. Here it goes: " Good Morning Mr. Pena, Thank you for reaching out. Sorry to hear of your issue but we are more than happy to assist you with your concern! Please note that Venezuela is exempt from the 6 month validity as per the attached US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) guidelines. Kindly keep in mind that the attached file is always subject to change and we suggest to re-confirm with USA Operations for the latest information. If there is anything else you may need help with or should have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know." After this email I asked her directly if provided that, MSC would leave him board. And here it's the answer: Good Morning, Yes, he will be able to board the ship since Venezuela is exempt from the 6-month rule. Glad we could help!! Please let me know if you should have any additional questions. Have a great day!! So I guess I can relax now! I will print out these emails and take them with me just in case. Many thanks to all who took the time to try to help me!! 🙂
  3. Brillohead this seems to be the best option!! many thanks for taking the time to explain it so detailed!! I'll do it and post here any update!! Have a great weekend you all!!
  4. Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to comment on the issue. I really just wanted to see if anyone actually went on board an MSC cruise having their passport with an expiration date in less than 6 months. The facts are: *we are Venezuelan / Spanish and my dad is only Venezuelan. So rules applying only to US or Canadian citizens unfortunately don't work for him. *I know for sure he will be allowed to enter all of the countries the cruise goes. (I have done my research with the embassies). It's only MSC I worry about. *Renewing his passport would be the logical answer (as Spanish I get it) but what happens in Venezuela I doubt many people can get it. Passports are taking more than one year (that if you are lucky that on the due month the mail arrives... maybe it won't and you have to wait fingers crossed another month). It's not logical, it's not human and it shouldn't be happening, but Venezuela lives a very bad dictatorship and that is the fact. I also get that passports are not a priority for anyone when half of the country is trying not to die, and a few ones are very busy trying to hold their bloody regime. So renewing for this trip is out of the question. * Nobody, not MSC nor my TA is able to give me a clear answer... MSC say they wouldn't risk it and the TA says all the cruise companies have the same rule but don't guarantee anything. Not even when we are 7 people that won't be taking the package. So I'm starting to believe it's everything up to the guy that does the check in and his humour on that day. I have wrote the Miami Port authority so maybe they have some information. If I solve this puzzle I'll let you guys know!! Xxx
  5. Hi, Has anyone been able to board an MSC cruise with a passport that expires less than 6 months after the cruise ends?? I'm going crazy because no one (not MSC in Spain, nor USA, nor the tourist agency) has been able to give me a clear answer. The thing is that my father's passport will expire 5 months and a half after the day of disembarkation, and we know for sure he can enter the USA and all of the countries where our cruise goes. But MSC has this policy that all the passports should be valid for at least 6 months after the trip. I know the easiest thing should be just to get a new passport but he is Venezuelan and it is not that easy... a new passport for a venezuelan national nowadays takes more than one year!! it's crazy!! so a new passport is not an option. It's either this or no holidays this year. Does anyone know anything about this??? Thanks,
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