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  1. We recently did a 10 night South Pacific Trip on Pacific Explorer and LOVED IT. The first tip I was given and recommend absolutely is to book your restaurants as soon as you embark. You can always change later. (which we did upon discovering the time slot didn't suit. We booked various days dinner at the three free restaurants - Waterfront, Angelos and Dragon Lady. Ended up going for 5.30pm timeslot. By the time we ordered and got our meals it was closer to 6pm so really not too early. This enabled us to totally finish a 3 course meal, followed by cuppa and get to the Marquee or Black Circus for 7pm show. If you're not fussed at the time you eat, or don't need to get to a show then just play it by ear daily. 2nd tip, you need to get to the shows at least 20 minutes before start or miss out on a seat. This generally applies too to the trivia etc. The 3rd tip that a lot don't know about is the P&O free "intranet". Not to be confused with the internet for which you pay, this enables you to add and chat with shipboard friends. So handy to message them..."where are you.... we're in the xx lounge 3rd row down". Only downside is no notifications of new messages. You have to regularly check if someone has messaged you. However, sooooo convenient when you've "lost" someone or are waiting for them.
  2. Any idea what price for a mixed drink, e.g. vodka/cranberry or vodka/coke?
  3. Initially I picked Insure and Go as they were the cheapest AND had the type of cover I required. A lot of them have altered what they cover in terms of natural disasters. We were in Lombok when the earthquake hit last year, also the week later in Bali. We were not affected but a lot of people with and without insurance were. Mostly now I make use of the free travel insurance offered by my bank's credit card, which seemingly offers the same as Insure and Go and any other companies I have researched. I do not have any pre-existing ailments with the exception of high blood pressure (this doesn't seem to worry any of them and does not increase my cost). Luckily I have NEVER had to make a claim. For my husband and I the most important cover is for medical and associated expenses. The rest is all replaceable, although you may be inconvenienced at the time. An insurance policy for anything is only as good as what the company is prepared to pay. Unfortunately when it comes to the crunch some companies won't pay when their interpretation is different to yours.
  4. Try Insure and Go or Australian Seniors Insurance. I am not sure whether they cover that age though but I have found them extremely reasonable
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