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  1. Thanks for the enjoyable review! We're going on the Montenegro/Greek Isles itinerary at the end of August so it was great to read all this info! Do you happen to remember what time you were able to get tender tickets in Kotor? I know you mentioned it for your first itinerary but you didn't say for Kotor. And you get the tender tickets in the dining room? We're hoping to beat the crowds and get an early tender ticket that day! Thanks! 🙂
  2. Thank you, I am able to see that by looking at the current sailing! I wasn’t able to see it looking at my sailing in August.
  3. We're sailing on the same itinerary at the end of August. When you say the Windjammer wasn't open at night do you mean it wasn't serving dinner or that it was closed at odd times?
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies everyone! I remember when we walked from the ferry (it was from Naxos so I guess somewhere E6-E10 on the map above) the walk seemed pretty far, at least while schlepping our backpacks! The cruise terminals are even farther out so it's probably best to just hop on the bus instead of wasting our time walking!
  5. Thank you @VMax1700and @cruisemom42,that's very helpful info!
  6. Thank you so much! Super helpful! I'm not sure which terminal we will be docking at - we're on Royal Caribbean, not sure if they're always at the same terminal?
  7. Thank you! I was thinking that seems to be the best option.
  8. Thanks for your response! I don't mind a 20 minute walk but I saw some estimates for 40 minutes so that definitely adds some time! It looks like the next best option is the X80 express bus, so I"ll have to decide between those two.
  9. We're stopping in Athens for the day on our RC cruise in August/September. We've been to Athens before and arrived via ferry to Piraeus and took the metro into Athens. This would be my first choice but it looks like it's quite a long walk from where the cruise ships port to the metro station in Piraeus? Is there another method of transportation that would be better than the metro for getting into Athens? Our ship doesn't get into port until 12 noon so I'm concerned about traffic being busy that time of day. Also, there will be 6 of us, 4 adults and 2 kids, so I'm not sure if larger taxis would be readily available? Thanks!
  10. I've asked there as well with no response.
  11. Hello, I am looking for tour company recommendations for Kefalonia. We would like to visit Melissani Lake and Myrtos beach, most likely on a private tour for 6 people. Thank you!
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