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  1. When we were cruising, did anyone noticed a pattern when this is offered?
  2. Is it possible to pay for one now since there are no sailings? If so, how would you do it? Can this deposit be used for the booking deposit? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy these? Not much on Ebay. Thanks.
  4. What has been your experience? Lots of kids? If so, did they affect your cruise experience? We're looking at a day cruise in 2022. Thanks in advance.
  5. Leaving for Caribbean January 10 on Reflection.
  6. What is Celebrity's track record showing NFL play-off games?
  7. What are folks using this for? I'm not seeing any real utility.
  8. I've booked a Monday 10 AM flight out of FLL after our Reflection cruise in January. This is the first time we've gotten an early light versus staying a night and leaving in the morning, Any helpful suggestions? Also, is a luggage valet service for SWA still available? Thanks.
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