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  1. In my experiences if you sit at a piano bar you are going to hear the same old lame songs being played every night (Piano Man for example, one of the worst songs ever written) and there is no need to pay a thing. Just sit back and listen.
  2. Any time you book through a TA you have to use that TA to contact NCL for you AFAIK.
  3. So they won't complain about bottled water now that the bottled water is going to be in a cardboard container instead of a plastic one?
  4. If you really want to get them ask them if they do their giclee (ZHe kla) in house or if they out source it. When they hear you use that term they will most likely ask you to quiet down adn escort you out of the 'gallery'. Giclee - (noun) - a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies.
  5. Log into MyNCL and look at your cruise summary then print your booked items.
  6. Park West uses the term "Art" very liberally, as do they "original", "limited", and " one of a kind"/"unique". Most of what they sell is posters or copies of 'art' printed on high end ink jet printers and they run them off by the thousands. Before you spend a penny on anything there please do yourself a favor and google park west.
  7. All depends on what number you use to call in. I get answers within minutes. It si actually good that they COULD care less. It would be a shame if they COULDN'T care less. 😛
  8. Deck 8114? Wow that is one BIG ship! LOL. You can see the deck plans to see what is above and below any cabin on any deck of any NCL ship at https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship
  9. Is theer a page somewhere on the ncl web site that lists the point redemption options?
  10. Wow there are entitled selfish people on the Breakaway this week. Glad I am not sailing with them and their attitudes!
  11. Perks are based on what was available and what you booked on your original booking. Upgrades do not impact them at all.
  12. There is no sales tax AFAIK. There is the 20% auto gratuity. Also AFAIK it is the same price whether you buy day one or day two unless somet8ing has changed.
  13. Yes the $200 is the added in gratuities for the Dining and Drink packages. The $319 is the DSC (daily service charge) that some mistakenly refer to as tips. DSC - https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#what-is-onboard-service-charge TIPS - https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#what-about-gratuities
  14. If an airline changes your flight times by more than 1 hour for any reason you are entitled to pick another flight on the same dates between the same airports with no change fee and no additional fare charge for the same class of seats. It is between you and the airline. You do not have to contact any third party.
  15. Vaping is NOT just 'water'. Te liquid contains all kinds of very highly addictive and extremely dangerous chemicals. Most contain liquid nicotine which when handled requires full hazmat suits. Vaping is not even safe (and surely not safer than tobacco smoking as many try to convince themselves it is). Vaping IS smoking just in a different form and it will kill you and those around you just as quickly if not quicker.
  16. Ah I misunderstood your original response. I thought you were talking about European sailings on NCL for example. Yeah I agree the Europeans are either much more ignorant of the dangers of smoking or a just plain stupid enough to not care.
  17. You mus be well into your 70s (or older) to make such a statement. It really does not matter what attitude Europeans have. It is the cruise line owners who matter.
  18. It may take them longer but they will be there too eventually.
  19. If you qualify for the take all four but do not want one of the four simply call in to make your reservation and let them know. tehy will do the override. We booked and do not drink but we want all of the other 'four'. Easy to do.
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