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  1. I am traveling on April with a friend whose daughter is a celiac - this is so helpful! Do you have any pointers for Mom? This will be her first cruise and she is quite nervous - her daughter also has an intellectual disability and Autism, so self advocacy is a challenge. Thanks
  2. Who is the singer at Boleros and will they be there in April? Thanks
  3. Hello - where exactly in the cruise planner can I find the activity waivers? I would much prefer to complete them online rather than on the ship. Thank you
  4. good plan - I will tell her to have her bathing suit on when we get on board!
  5. thank you - this is so helpful. We are traveling with two other families - can't find it on the cruise planner yet
  6. this is for my daughter who loves it but feels like she doesn't get enough time and wants to become more competent
  7. Anyone have experience with this? Where can we book it? What is the difference between the private and the group session? How much time do you actually get on the water? DId you find it was worth the price? Thank you for any input
  8. Boo - we were going to try this with our next cruise as we are 3 families!
  9. we used dry erase boards on our doors to leave messages with one another as well as periodic meeting times I have also seen families using walkie talkies we don't use internet on the ship so texting is not an option - if Harmony is doing the free texting with the RCI app- go for that (but have back ups)
  10. The band Mambo Fiesta is at Boleros - they are amazing! The solarium has a nice set up with excellent service. Random - but if you like a chocolate martini . head to playmakers and ask for Dinesh to make
  11. trying to make it feel a little more bougie than the price point - so I was given great advice on spa and dinner packages
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