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  1. Thank you all for the info!!! 🙂
  2. Hi all! Our river cruise is a ways off, but planning is fun. :) Does anyone out there know-If we do not book our air with Viking and instead do our own, can we purchase transfer with Viking to the airport upon disembarking the ship at the end of our cruise? We are planning our own pre-extension stay (Viking doesn't offer what/where we were interested in at this time), so I didn't think it would be worth the $50 air plus option to do through Viking as we wouldn't be using their transfer services at the start of our trip. But as for the end of the trip and getting to that airport with our bags...
  3. Do they give you any options at the Chef Table? We are doing the Asian Panorama as well, and duck is a no go for me. If no other option, I'm fine just skipping that course. It's not a big deal, I was just curious. We signed up for 2 Chef's Table dinners-and of course once I did I was unable to go back and locate the menus! The Asian Panorama and the Xiang.
  4. Oh-oh! We're doing this cruise in a few weeks and I've got mostly warm long sleeves & sweaters. Looks like I had better add in more short sleeves as well?! I'll be following the rest of your ports/posts to see if it gets any cooler...;)
  5. Cofu- Has anyone done the Mt Pantokrator Hike or similar excursion? Wondering if it is an actual hike & if I'll need good shoes, shorts, sports bra etc...or more just a walk situation? I'm not finding much info regarding this particular excursion! Any and all feedback welcome. TIA!!
  6. Hello! Has anyone taken the Krka National Park Walk excursion while in Split? (We have already booked it, but may possibly switch it to a different excursion..) Can you tell me if there is any free time afterwards before you get back on board the ship? It doesn't say there is...but the Krka National Park & Dubrava Falconry lists free time for lunch etc afterwards...Thinking I may have to switch excursions to get a bit of free time in?!
  7. So, along the lines of finding more active excursions...has anyone done the Corfu Mt. Pantokrator hike & Old Perithia? That sounds like it could be a good, active day. Just wondering about how long the hike is? The longer & more strenuous, the better for me! 🙂
  8. Well, I went on MyVikingJourney to browse excursions--and noticed our flights had been removed. Turns out the Chicago to Denver leg of the trip changed, so Viking Air had to cancel it due to it only having a 10minute layover-which obvi won't work! So, we called VA, and are now taking the early (OptionA) 7:55 AM flight. Looks like the decision was made for us...unless more flight times get moved around by the airlines. Turns out, after all this discussion, I'll have to be ready to disembark at 3AM regardless. If you happen to be on that shuttle bus with me, I will apologize in advance for my disheveled appearance 🙂
  9. Sorry about your locks and suitcase! I noticed ours get pretty roughed up and filthy when we travel. It's the reason I don't buy super expensive luggage if I'm checking my bags. Which I usually do...
  10. TSA approved locks for the win! It will at least be a small deterrent to the wrong people...maybe. But hey, at least my underwear won't be spilling out of an open zipper on the baggage carousel, right??
  11. Thanks everyone! How long does it take to obtain Global Entry start to finish?. I see it's a bit of a process-with an in person interview being mandatory etc.
  12. Question about this brush dryer...is it dual voltage? Or is that not needed on most ships? Also, can you add some wave/loose curls with this doo-dad as well? 🙂
  13. No we don't.. and if we keep our flight as it currently is, we would be going through customs on our stopover in Chicago. Yikes.
  14. Hi all! New cruiser & international traveler here! Do you put little locks on your suitcases-not so much at the airports(I realize they need access in the event of searches), but if you're doing a pre or post cruise stay? For instance, we have a pre cruise stay in Rome. I'm just wondering if your bag is with you for transport from the hotel to the ship etc, as I am under the impression Viking will take care of transporting your luggage for you onto the ship once we check out of the hotel. Or does Viking need to also gain access to your bags, therefore locks are frowned upon? Thanks in advance for your input/experience.
  15. Oh ok...3:15 is pretty painfully early to be all ready to go....ouch.
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