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  1. Sorry to hear you had the same trouble, but relieved it's not a problem with our phones or connection!
  2. We've been trying to contact the casino for a couple days now. We get through the automated process and are put on hold. But when the phone rings (as if someone had picked up) there's no answer. This has happened on both my phone and my girlfriend's phone. So far we've tried these numbers: 18885612234 18662133116 18665197225 We're getting the same problem on all numbers. Any ideas what's going on? Is this happening for everyone? Are there any other numbers or ways to contact the casino we can try?
  3. I just came off Anthem and took the KSC shuttle excursion. The price includes the transportation to and from the center, as well as the entry ticket.
  4. We're usually loyal RCL cruisers, but Carnival is the only line with short cruises out of California, so we're trying something new! I have a few questions though... 1. Can you cancel and rebook excursions bought online? Are there any restrictions on this? 2. We are on a 3 night cruise, when would chefs table typically be? Or do they have them every night? 3. Are prices typically better online, or is there ever a benefit to waiting until we're on the ship to book (excursions, chefs table, spa, etc.) Thanks so much!
  5. Do you happen to still have the cruise compasses? I'm going on a 4 night Navigator cruise in a couple weeks and would love to get a sneak peek!
  6. No,the UDP only works onboard the ship, according to the RCI Facebook team.
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