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  1. thanks for doing the review. We are looking at doing the post cruise excursion because flight prices have us flying out after 5. We were curious how the luggage is handled during the excursion? Part of our motivation for doing the excursion is to kill some time where we don’t need to have our luggage with us.
  2. this is where I think dress codes are a joke. Not picking on the folks in the picture because we dress similarly every night and they look very nice imo. what I am saying is for women switch the floral print dress for a darker color solid dress and maybe nicer sandals and some would say perfectly formally dressed. Mind you that is in lightweight clothes perfect for the Caribbean. Now you same folks say guys need to wear heavy dress pants shirt tie and jacket and full dress shoes, and if a tux, more add ons in the Caribbean. Now me, I would need to wash it every night because I would
  3. We sailed Disney many times in the past and found Celebrity to have better food and service, and the cleanliness of the ship was on par with Disney. Of course the activities are different because of the average age on the ship, but we were fine with that since our kid is in college and not cruising with us. Saying that we also found the same on RCCL the two trips we have done so far. We had clunkers on Disney so maybe you just had bad timing on RCCL. Trying other lines opened our eyes, we previously thought Disney owned the customer service side of the cruise market, we were wrong.
  4. Here I thought the Edge bashing had stopped. We are inside and Oceanview cruisers by choice, because the fancy rooms and concierge perks were unused by us in the past on other lines and a waste of money. The Edge inside room was one of the nicer rooms we have had, if anything it had too much storage. For us as new cruisers to Celebrity we really liked the Edge, and based on the boards comments and people on the Edge we are staying away from the other ships for now. We do have a forward facing oceanview booked on the Apex because the room setup looks awesome compared to a similar roo
  5. Due to ridiculous flight costs, we have a late afternoon flight. Looked at a couple of Royal excursions with transfer to the airport and was curious how are luggage would be handled? Does it go with you on the excursion or is it a separate charge for Royal to transfer it to the airport for you. If they do the latter is American Airlines covered? When we sailed Disney our usual airline of choice, Southwest, was never covered for bag transfers.
  6. We use our Disney lanyards, and they happen to be the top loyalty tier, lol. Those lanyards just happen to be made of a different material that is very comfortable to wear. Honestly I look like a dork anyways so the lanyard is an improvement 😉 For us they are really handy and on excursions use them to carry our ID and credit card as well. Usually off ship I slip it under my shirt or in a pocket. My wife usually just stuffs everything in a small purse she bought on a cruise. on our last cruise on the Edge I just cracked up at all the room cards on the bottom of the pool, seems a few g
  7. Saddened to hear this news. In the short time I have been on the Celebrity board she was one of the kindest and most helpful posters on the board and helped ease the concerns we had about switching to a new cruise line. Condolences to her family and friends. cgolf
  8. While I respect your opinion and for some kids that may be true about completing high school properly, I don't believe it applies to all kids. Our daughter graduated 11th in her class taking all the AP courses offered while missing one week a school year to do a cruise. IMO she should have been ranked higher because some of the kids above her took easier classes, and no AP classes and the GPAs were super close. For some reason her school didn't weight the AP grades heavier, so it was a disadvantage class rank wise for kids to take these courses. She really didn't need any catch up
  9. My 2 cents on this is if you don't want a lot of kids on a cruise, I am guessing Celebrity is a good bet based on my 1 experience on the Edge and the average age of the cruisers and what I have read when these threads pop up. The thing is though since Celebrity is ok with kids cruising the line, you could see many kids or no kids depending on when you sail. From our time on Disney, you will see a range of behavior from kids and parents of those kids. From wild and out of control to super polite and quiet. Just because they are on X doesn't mean they will be better behaved, heck Dis
  10. Question on the change language. We have a room with 3 in it, and my wife and I will get the beverage package. Down the road when we add the soda package to our daughter will my wife and I be hit with the extra charge because it is a change to an account even though not the to people getting the perk.
  11. If they wanted to push people to the casinos they would put the early Edge shows throughout the fleet that essentially was all current music;) We loved it, others appeared not to.
  12. Why is that? We tried and we didn't enjoy it, everyone's tastes are different. The performers were very talented, just not something we liked. We did stay for the whole show. I also don't like to dance either, two left feet;)
  13. All I can hope for on the Apex is that they have Edgy shows in the main theater like we saw in January on the Edge and not this. We saw the Nutcracker ballet once and both my wife and I didn't enjoy it. I watched intently and could never figure out what the point of the story was, reminds me of the Eden show;) The performers, both ballet and Eden, were very talented, just not for us.
  14. The edge was the first ship that we didn't encounter chair hogs, must have been the abundance of shaded areas🤣 Flip flops should have been a necessity due to all the sunburned feet;)
  15. I don't remember it being offered on our Edge cruise, and honestly I didn't miss it at all. The lobster we had on Disney and RCCL wasn't very good compared to what we get on land. Most times I ordered something else and the servers would feel the need to give me a lobster tail too. So if it isn't offered I wouldn't miss it. The one thing I didn't see on Celebrity or RCCL was shrimp and cocktail sauce that we had on Disney in the buffet. They were a pain that they had to be peeled, but that alone was a meal.
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