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  1. Hello This is a difficult question. IMHO it depends on several factors. First is your financial budget for the cost and tours. Look at your budget , and budget everything in including taxes , tips , transportation to and from the ship, airfare, hotel and food at your embarkation port, spending money, drink packages if you need, etc. Tours are expensive in Alaska so please do your research, because just going to a port is not enough. If you can wing the cost of the kids fares, Than I would say look at step two. No sense in getting kids hyped up about a trip you cant afford to bring them o
  2. HI Ine, We are headed to PV in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if there are places to walk and shop around the Marriot? My mom , likes to walk around too and may not want to be stuck at the hotel. Thank you in advance . Sincerely, cruisenurse
  3. Hello Everyone, We are headed to PV in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know if there are places to walk and shop around the Marriot? My mom , likes to walk around too and may not want to be stuck at the hotel. Thank you in advance . Sincerely, cruisenurse 2
  4. Hello , May I say what nice looking young men you both are! You look so happy together! And that's what its all about. On to more important stuff. Your review was funny, well written and informative. I appreciate your candor. So there you go, a positive , complimenting reply. Regards
  5. Hello, I have had the avocado and shrimp starter, we actually had two each in the MDR on embarkation. We still talk about it. It was that starter that made was huge princess fans. Hit the MDR on the first day. It was very lovely and quiet too.
  6. Hello Experienced Cruisers, This is my second Princess cruise, we did the Emerald to Alaska in 2016. When we were on that ship the food in the main dinning room was so fantastic we cancelled our reservation three times for the steak house. One of the things we loved about the main dinning room was that our waiters and his team, knew us and could almost guess what we wanted before we could tell them. We loved them so much, we cried on the first night. Anyway will it ruin things if we go to the steak house night? We are traveling with a group and I think we will get a coupon for a d
  7. Hello, I was on the grand in 2016 round trip out of Seattle . There were many young adults, many with grandparents and parents. They seemed to be very happy , especially in the dinning room. Actually they seemed to love the formal night , all dressed up (cute) . You know in my honest humble opinion , cruising teaches older kids a lot, especially practicing manners. Important for job interviews , and career skills. I think they will be fine. There is so much to do and not do. Its a chance of lifetime for them. Sometimes we all need to get away from all of the bells and whistles and just
  8. Hi Everyone, Im going on the Grand this January 2020 to Mexico for ten days. Does any one know if they offer yoga classes? If they do what kind of classes, such as flow, gentle, etc? Do you know if they charge, if they do how much? Thank you again. Regards,
  9. Hello Last year we walked the blue line. Oh did we have a fun adventure. We found a wonderful quilt shop. Little locally owned shops such as a coffee shop with real Mexican coffee and ice cream. we also saw the cathedral and if we had kept walking and walked over a bridge there was a market. We also found a wonderful artsy craft/ gift shop. Beautiful things. We met many American ambassadors. We felt safe and welcomed.
  10. Hello, I was on the Emerald a few years ago to Alaska. We had a room with a window. We got the call to upgrade, we did ($200) . Most of the time it rained , so we sat on the balcony for probably a total of two hours. The rest of the time we had better views of the glaciers on the top decks, You take coffee and dress warm and enjoy a panoramic view , You dont get that on a balcony. Most of the time sitting on the open decks, most people are very polite and keep to them selves. To me no need to pay for it. I would go and enjoy Use the money to go on excursions . Alaska has some great
  11. Nap, Nap, Nap , Spa, Spa, Gym , Gym , Board Games, Repeat. I went to Alaska on one sea day it poured.It was so windy ( I was exhausted from work) We stayed in the cabin , had room service and watched movies. May I say that trip was so relaxing. I really did come back new. You could try a yoga class ( very relaxing) or other exercise class. How about hand at the international café , listen to great music and read something you dont have time for at home? Ping pong. Sometimes it is good to just do nothing. Watch MUTS. These are things I enjoy. There are lots of things to do to. You could also
  12. Hi I am not sure exactly these days, In 2016 my mom I had a total of six cans of coke and we pain about $6.00 . It was great. I went to vegas and pain $5.00 for water. It was some fancy brand?
  13. Hi , Im going on the Grand in January , you used to be able to use your coffee card for Gelato at the International café, is this still the case? Also can you use it to get milk shakes, icecream sandwiches by the pool deck? Thank you.
  14. I was in Mazatlán last yr in June. We had no problems , while we went to the Malacon and walked the blue line to some local shops, we had no problems. In most foreign countries, dress like they do. Do not waive your money around. Do not brag you are American. Be respectful and polite to all you should be fine. Also, Leave your expensive Jewelry at home, wear simple stuff. You should be fine. The other way of looking at this if the cartel disrupts the tourist Area, they are hurting themselves and the people . The Cruise lines will stop coming and that means big bucks.
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