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  1. I couldn't have been more respectful when posing my question, stated zero opinions in what you quoted only facts as far as I know them. Considering there are people on this board who stated they were in the trials then they are a source of direct information I as I'm sure many others personally haven't had access to ask questions of until now. If that is considered 'flaming' in your opinion then in my opinion you are part of the problem when people who have legitimate concerns aren't allowed to even ask questions otherwise they hint they haven't fully drunk the kool aid yet and are ripe for th
  2. Then who would be the control group for further study or any study on longer term affects? My basic understanding (and some light googling to verify) is clinical trials typically span 2-6 years in testing and monitoring. I would have assumed that anyone in the trial would have been told upon agreeing to participate they cannot get a vaccine for X amount of time. Based on your experience apparently that isn't the case but that means any further study on it's affects wont be as accurate as they are not using controls. Which to me just furthers my understanding on why so many healthy
  3. You cannot compare compulsory mask wearing during a pandemic to forced vaccinations. There are zero side affects to wearing a mask. You aren't injecting a mask into your body, wearing a mask isn't part of, what is supposed to be confidential, medical records and virtually everyone can wear a mask. If the vaccine works as well as it claims, 95% and the 5% who do get it only get a mild illness then anyone who wishes to and is healthy enough for the vaccine can take it and not worry about who around them hasn't. The people they would be excluding from travel however would
  4. Haha no worries no offense taken. I have an autoimmune condition which causes my immune system to be overactive. My body attacks itself as is and anything else introduced causes it to go into over drive. Other people's sniffles become my full body hives, 3 week chest cold and tends to require steroids to lower my immune system as it's a case of my bodies cure becoming more dangerous than the disease. Right now my family is looking at me as the canary in the mine to see if the virus has entered our home. Not touching my face comes from years of working counting money where your han
  5. Currently South Jersey, formerly Suffolk County NY. Were "locked down" in it's limited sense community wise. Personally my husband has been deemed essential and while that is true in a sense, his company is taking full advantage of the declaration and having him out doing everything normal and not just the 'essential' functions like I'm sure so many other people are dealing with. His jobs have him going in and out of hospitals in the tri state area so likely for us it's not if but when. I own a duplex with my parents renting our other unit. Even though we live in esse
  6. I went to Bermuda in November out of NYC. The weather in Bermuda was good or at least warm but going and coming were quite cold and most stayed inside. I went early November and beaches were still a possibility, I only dipped my feet in myself but the water was not freezing. The casino opened at 9 while we were docked in Bermuda on the Dawn. For some reason I really thought on the Breakaway a few years prior it had been 6 so I'm not sure if time is ship specific, the rules changed or I'm just remembering wrong.
  7. I'm already booked for 2021 however this whole ordeal does have me questioning future cruises. For reference I'm the weirdo wiping down a slot machine before I use it, who comes on board with their own kit of sanitation supplies and disinfects the entire state room, I purell both before touching tongs in the buffet and again at the table with my own industrial strength 'noro' killing sanitizer and use the ships every time I pass one. I'm well trained in not touching my face. Despite this I've returned sick on 2 of my 3 cruises, nothing major, just colds but for as much as I clean and sanitize
  8. Thanks so much for all your info. I don't know how I missed that elevator on the plans, that would make it easier if you're carrying a bunch of stuff. Still hoping that the public deck is there with direct bar access but we shall see. That's so funny! Glad to see I'm not the only one in the new mystery cabin, I was starting to wonder if I was going crazy booking a cabin everything but the direct NCL deck plans say doesn't exist. My Joy sailing isn't until May 2021 so I'm hoping before now and then someone will shed some light. I'll be sure to keep you posted if I am able to unc
  9. I booked haven for the first time on Joy I hope I didn't rush the booking though because I'm noticing some odd things. The room I chose, 15130 seems to have been added since the referb and I'm unable to find any information about it. It's listed as a Penthouse Suite With Balcony. There appears to be 4 others like it on deck 15. I chose this one because it appeared as though it would have the slanted balcony and from what I've read here that tends to mean the balcony is a bit bigger. Other than NCLs deckplans other sites don't even list the room as existing and I can't find posting
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