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  1. What cruise line does the round trip from Vancouver or Seattle? Thanks
  2. Our luggage was not with us.....it was collected directly from our hotel Fairmont Waterfront where we were staying earlier that morning. That luggage that was collected needs the tags, how else would they know who to deliver it to on ship? Carry on that you have with you probably would not need a luggage tag.
  3. We were on the Royal the week of July 6. We received our medallions in the mail about 2 weeks prior to cruise. I did not purchase the coffee card so I can't be sure, but I would think it would be "attached" to your account which you just use medallion.
  4. Yes , voljeep is correct ...….we still had to attach the luggage tags
  5. Which New England port has the best lighthouse tour? Maybe multiple lighthouses? Thanks
  6. I had boarding passes, luggage tags and a all necessary paperwork printed, plus I had the boarding passes on phone. They never even asked for any of it. Just scanned the medallion and we were good to go.
  7. We were on the Royal Princess week of July 6...…….we had 2 formal nights. First one, DH did wear a suit/tie, and I wore black pants with sparkly top. Other couple in our party of 6, both the wife and husband wore casual pants, with button up shirts (no tie for him). Both of us were completely acceptable. The second formal night DH decided not to wear the suit, but opted for the casual pants & shirt. I think as long as you don't show up in shorts and flip flops you are ok!
  8. KG2019


    Not sure about other ships....we were on Royal Princess week of July 6. I was VERY disappointed in the movies available on stateroom tv. It's "on demand", but very limited. Then when you selected a movie you wanted, it would say "sorry this is not available at this time".
  9. We were on the Royal the week of July 6. Breakfast in the horizon was GREAT! Not at all what is quoted above in my opinion. Eggs were cooked to perfection, bacon crispy but not burnt, and the pancakes and syrup all good. I can't comment on pastries as I did not sample those. They even had creamy grits which we love. French toast was unbelievable. Usually a plain version, and another version (chocolate chip, or other) everyday. I have NO complaints about the breakfast buffet!! But of course just my opinion!
  10. We were on the Royal week of July 6. We ate at Alfredo's twice that week. Pizza is fantastic and be sure to get the tiramisu for dessert!
  11. We were on the Royal week of July 6. Only noticed the smoke if we needed to "cut thru" the casino.
  12. We were just at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge on July 13-14. I don't know if the beds were new, but they were very comfortable. Everything there was great......also at the Westmark Fairbanks where we stayed one night thru Princess.
  13. I really don't see the need...….you can use the large tv like screens located throughout the ship, there is always one near the elevators, where you can use your medallion to do the same functions.
  14. We booked our private whale watching tour thru our Princess cruise. We had 6 people so the price worked out almost the same as a regular whale watching tour with 100 other people. Really enjoyed being on the smaller boat. I was worried about sea sickness (I have gotten sick on a deep sea fishing boat), but you never lose sight of land and it was great. You could sit inside the cabin (which did have a bathroom) or outside. Of course when we were stopped we were all outside. Weather was nice for viewing, not cold. We had no idea WHO the tour would be thru. We did get our "envelope/tickets" upon arrival in our cabin, but it did not specify the company the tour was with. It turned out to be Alaska Galore, the boat was the "Reel Lucky" and our captain was Christina. She was the absolute BEST! She was alone, and really knew how to maneuver that boat and find the whales! We saw 6-8 different ones that day including a Mama with a baby. She knew all the whales by name, due to tail markings etc. She also took us to a place to see the sea lions. Highly recommend!!!
  15. We are back from our Alaska trip (Royal Princess)...….the OCEAN MEDALLION sucked!!!!!!!!!!! Basically the only good thing it did was access to the cabin. ALL the other apps were glitchy most of the time. The "chat" between ship mates DID work, except there is no way to tell you even have a message unless you are holding your phone in your hand and looking at the screen. It doesn't vibrate, or make a sound, or even tell you that you have a new message (yes we tried EVERY setting....sound on, sound off etc). This is something Princess definitely needs to address.
  16. Ok we are back from Alaska so I'm reviewing my own post!! The stay (one night only) at the Westmark Fairbanks was GREAT! Hotel was top notch. We did stay in the North wing, so I can't tell you if that made a different or not. Rooms was HUGE and clean, very pleased. Our room had a kitchen. Nice gift shop on site. We ate supper at the Red Lantern there at the hotel and the food was great, not overly expensive. Got a great night's rest, although we had to get up at 2:30 am for our shuttle to the airport.
  17. I also collect Christmas ornaments. I have ornaments from around the world (not that I have been to every place, but that is what I request when someone else goes). I also will be following this post as we are looking in to a New England cruise in the next couple of years!
  18. Thanks for the replies! We will be getting to the hotel late evening so we will probably eat at the hotel restaurant, and we have to get up early to leave Fairbanks at 5:30.....so we actually won't be in the room for that long, but I had read some awful reviews on trip advisor. If the room is clean that is all I ask. Thanks again!
  19. No with the other apps, each person needs a separate e mail.....can be same password, but different e mail. And you don't press "join", you just do "log in".
  20. Staying at Westmark in Fairbanks...….Trip Advisor has some TERRIBLE reviews, along with some good...…..just wondering if anyone here had any experience there? It will be our last night of an 11-day cruise/tour. Staying at a bad hotel for our last night is going to be aggrivating!
  21. Thanks!! I did go back to the Princess web site to see the ship names and that's what was throwing me! Thanks again
  22. OP says they were onboard the CB.....what is the CB? Thanks
  23. So is there any chance of them getting lost or misplaced if they aren't on the display board? This sounds like a great idea, I was thinking I would wait until the last day and purchase the ones I wanted. Is the envelope left in one spot so you can add additional photos?
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